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We were working on Quickbooks integration from last 2 days and today we get a break through !!!! We have successfully integrated Quickbooks to our web application. Now new user created on our site will also be created in Quickboobs and vice-versa. Let me share how to we have integrated Quickbooks to web application.

You need following software to be installed on your development machine,

  • Install Quickbook Pro. You can download it from here.
  • Install Quickbook connector. You can download it from here.
  • Create a Web Service which will receive call from Quickbook connector. You can download sample web service from here.
  • Once you have all these installed, you are ready to start. Quickbook connector is bridge between Quickbook and web service. Quickbook connector has predefined set of instruction using them, it calls specific methods of web service. You can create we service in any language however it should have defined method names and signature. Please check downloaded web service for method name and signature.
  • Web service will be using your application抯 database to synchronize data between Quickbook and your web application. Responsibility of web service is to provide appropriate data in desired format to Quickbook connector so that it can synchronize it with Quick book. Quickbook connector requires ?qwc?file as a configuration file which informs Quickbook connector about Web Service URL, Credential and few other details. One can have multiple ?qwc?file if he wants to integrate multiple web service.

Hence the flow of data is,

  • Quickbook connector calls web service method at periodic interval.
  • Web Service will send updated data to Quickbook connector.
  • Quickbook connector update data into Quickbook database.
See screenshots for more detail,
Above image displays Quickbook connector when it is configured for single web service. Every_Min represents interval at which Quickbook connector will call web service method. Below is the sample of ?qwc?file we have used.
<QBWCXML>\r\n<AppName>WCWebService1</AppName>\r\n<AppID></AppID>\r\n<AppURL>Web Service URL</AppURL>\r\n<AppDescription>A short description for Web Service</AppDescription>\r\n<AppSupport></AppSupport>\r\n<UserName>iqbal1</UserName>\r\n<OwnerID>{57F3B9B1-86F1-4fcc-B1EE-566DE1813D20}(ANY GUID)</OwnerID>\r\n<FileID>{90A44FB5-33D9-4815-AC85-BC87A7E7D1EB}(ANY GUID)</FileID>\r\n<QBType>QBFS</QBType>\r\n<Scheduler>\r\n<RunEveryNMinutes>15</RunEveryNMinutes>\r\n</Scheduler>\r\n</QBWCXML>
Once you have configured above steps, make sure Quickbook Pro is open while you press æ ¢pdate Selected?button on Quickbook connector. If you have followed aforementioned steps correctly, you will be able to synchronize data between Quickbook and your application.
For more detail email us on info@varianceinfotech.comHappy Programming !!

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