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VIPL Team attended Salesforce Events hosted by SalesForce Industry experts to updated with latest updates from SalesForce.

There are many good reasons to attend Salesforce events all across the globe. Here are some of those reasons which you will find very important.
Many of the Events are Absolutely FREE!

Yes, it is true, you can attend many of the Salesforce events for free. That implies to: free access to product knowledge, keynotes, networking, and meeting with some of the great leaders in the industry.
Product Information:

It is good to get acquainted with the Salesforce Product. Once you get deep dive into the product, you’ll get exposure to the innovations across Salesforce ecosystem and see demos on how to optimize Salesforce products.


Strengthening your connections:

When you visit any Salesforce event, you’ll end up the event with adding more connections to your profile. It is beneficial to have networking in person and online, so whether you find yourself at a lunch or dinner party or connecting with industry experts using Salesforce events on twitter, there will be plentiful opportunity to improve your circle.
The Customer Success Showcase:

Do you want to see how industry leaders are using Salesforce? You don’t need to loom anywhere. The Customer Success Showcase will show you exactly how a different group of companies are using Salesforce to associate to their clients and breed their businesses. It will be worth to check out it to get the idea about it.
Consultation with experts:

It will be very difficult for you to find a topic or area which these events don’t cover. The industry experts are keen to guide you in the right direction and assist you to solve your problems as Salesforce experts have raised their standard so high that they can guide you in resolving any complexity. It might happen when you’re rolling out your CRM system or trying to improve sales practices, or want to know how to create an app on Salesforce platform, you’ll find someone with all the answers you want.

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