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salesforce discontinue workflow
Salesforce announced at Dreamforce 21 that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will be deprecated, And encourage everyone to move to Flow.

Flow can offer:

  • Better performance all around, like Run Asynchronously, Fast Field Updates (Before Save), and Entry Conditions.
  • Better error handling, troubleshooting, and debugging.
  • Exceptional extensibility with Invocable Actions and Sub-Flows.

To learn more about Flow please follow the Trailhead module.

Migration and Retirement Plan:

According to the Product Manager responsible for the retirement, there will be new migration tools that will help admins/consultants to convert existing Workflow Rules and Process Builders into Flows.

Below are few important Dates(Safe Harbor)
  • Spring 22, Migrate from Workflow Rules to Flows.
  • Summer 22, Migrate from Process Builders to Flows.
  • Winter 23, no option to create workflow rules and process builders.
These dates are subject to change.

Even Though there is no option to create workflow rules or process builders,we will still be able to edit the existing ones.


  1. Start Learning flow and get comfortable with it.
  2. If an active Workflow Rule or Process builder is causing an error, then convert it to a Flow instead of fixing it.
  3. If an active Workflow Rule or Process builder is working well in your org, then leave it as it is.
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