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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architecture Overview

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which contains some clouds such as sales, service, commerce, marketing and so on. SFMC plays a major role in the Salesforce environment. It offers email and some deals to customers. Moreover, customers can get satisfied offers and personalize email, sms on their convenient time.

SFMC provides digital and analysis marketing automation. It was founded in the year 2000 from ExactTarget. Apart from this company was replaced by salesforce in the year 2014 then integrated with Salesforce System. Finally, in 2017 it was merged with salesforce world tour.

SFMC is a cloud based platform and provides security to every customer. You can build your own service for customers.

What is SFMC?

It is mainly used for customer satisfaction to improve sales and send emails which will raise the company’s growth as well as attract customers. It is provided to individuals based on their efficient timezone. Furthermore it will track the user’s activity.

Primary Parts of SFMC:

  • Email studio: Email studio offers many facilities such as creating email templates, sending email, and tracking that email with customer details. It helps to track customer’s activities and has many modules. This offers api interaction to get customer details and send email.

  • Mobile studio : Mobile studio provides you sms functionality and raises your sales. You can track and deliver sms for customers. You can send automated sms with personalization and their specific time.

  • Social studio : Social studio is an option part of SFMC. It allows you to do marketing of your product. You can create a social account and share your view thus customers may attract from your social activity.

  • Advertising studio : Advertising studio gets leads from social advertising. It captures leads and stores into SFMC.

  • Web studio : You can create dynamic cloud pages using this tool. This function is a very useful part of SFMC. Customers can create their own cloud page based on different sections.

  • Analytics builder : You can create reports based on different types such as customer account and email track activity.Moreover you can create dynamic report based on your own demand.

  • Journey builder : It is a tool which offers many amenities such as sending email, sms , email using api and many more. The journey builder is one of the automation features of the salesforce marketing cloud. It’s design is straightforward.

Using this tool you can set your aim and satisfy your desire and provide a fruitful response to customers.

You can also interact with Sales and Service clouds using this tool. Moreover it also works with its function like use data from sales or service and update it’s record etc.

  • Content builder : This tool is used for creating dynamic content for email. Before sending email you have to create email content. Furthermore, there are ample methods to create content such as direct like from existing, HTML, from image and many more.

  • Audience builder : It saves records of customers as well as data extensions. Using this tool, customers can enter into a journey builder and get automatic emails with personalized data.

  • Data location : Customers can create new file locations for the outer side system. You can integrate with it and import,export data. You can set your own dynamic path for it.

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Rutu Patel

Rutu is Senior SalesForce admin with more than 3+ year vast experience in SalesForce ecosystem. She gain her experience in Sales, Marketing, Commerce Cloud.

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