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Variance Infotech is excited to announce that the Dynamic Forms plugin for SuiteCRM now fully supports Version 8.4. This powerful plugin has been a game-changer for businesses across various industries, providing the flexibility to create custom forms tailored to specific record types, such as contacts or opportunities.

About Dynamic Forms / Smart Forms:

The Dynamic Forms plugin by Variance Infotech is designed to cater to the needs of businesses actively using SuiteCRM for customer management. It offers the ability to create custom forms for different record types, providing a tailored approach to data collection and management.

What are Dynamic Forms?

Dynamic Forms allows you to create custom forms for any SuiteCRM record, like contacts, opportunities, or leads. This flexibility makes it ideal for various industries and use cases:

  • Healthcare: Store different patient forms, insurance data, and medical records.
  • Insurance: Create custom forms for different types of insurance needs.
  • Manufacturing: Attach multiple forms with different offerings to each customer.

Key Features:

The latest version of the Dynamic Forms Plugin boasts several features that enhance its functionality and applicability:

  • Compatibility with SuiteCRM 7.7 and Later Versions:
    • The Dynamic Forms Plugin is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with SuiteCRM versions 7.7 and onwards. This ensures that users of the latest SuiteCRM releases can take advantage of the plugin’s advanced features and improvements.
  • Versatility Across SuiteCRM Modules:
    • The plugin exhibits high versatility by being compatible with all SuiteCRM modules. This adaptability allows businesses to leverage the plugin across various modules, such as Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases, making it a valuable asset for diverse business processes.
  • Flexible Configuration with Standard and Custom Fields:
    • The Dynamic Forms Plugin offers a high degree of flexibility in configuration, supporting both standard and custom SuiteCRM fields. This feature empowers users to tailor forms to their specific needs, ensuring that they can capture and manage data relevant to their unique business requirements.
  • Conditional Logic for Dynamic Form Elements:
    • A powerful feature of the plugin is its support for conditional logic. Users can define rules that dynamically control the visibility of panels and fields based on specified conditions. This capability enhances the user experience by ensuring that the form adapts to user inputs or other predefined criteria, presenting relevant information dynamically.
  • Database Compatibility:
    • The Dynamic Forms Plugin is compatible with two widely used database systems: MYSQL and MSSQL. This compatibility ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate the plugin into their existing database infrastructure, providing flexibility in database management.

Design Dynamic Forms and Reports:

The plugin allows users to design dynamic forms and display them as popups inside modules or in separate windows. It also enables the display of questions in single or multiple pages and the generation of external URLs for dynamic forms. Additionally, users can update maps to field values, set up panels and questions font colour, background colour, font style, and font size, and execute alerts (email/workflow/reassign). The plugin also supports the setup of dynamic form reports, including report access (public or private), report type (export or schedule), and the export of dynamic form reports as PDF and Excel. Users can also schedule dynamic form reports automatically through email.


The Dynamic Forms plugin by Variance Infotech is a powerful and flexible tool that enhances the functionality of SuiteCRM, allowing businesses to create and manage custom forms for various purposes. With its recent support for SuiteCRM Version 8.4, the plugin continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of businesses across different industries.

For more information about the Dynamic Forms plugin, you can visit the Variance Infotech website or the SuiteCRM Store.

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