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What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM solution offered by Salesforce. It’s a complete solution that works for call center and customer service platforms. It is specially designed to enhance customer service on both ends(support agent and customer) within a single solution. Service Cloud features include a Case Assignment Rule, Omni-Channel,Case escalation Rule, Knowledge base etc.

It also helps companies to organize service team processes and calls, reducing average call times. This robust customer service software can also improve customer satisfaction and problem resolution.


Case Assignment Rules:

Case assignment rules are like lead assignment rules. It specifies how a case is assigned to the user or queue based on different conditions like case status,case reason etc.. A case assignment rule can contain many rule entries that determine the assignee of a case. One case assignment rule can be active at one time.


Using the case assignment rule we can route the case to the user or queue. Once the case is routed to the queue, it requires manual intervention to assign it further to the queue member. But due to lack of availability of agents and skill, it allows agents to pick the cases on the basis of their likes and dislike. Sometimes agents may get easier cases and while some of them may get complex and time consuming cases.

Omni-Channel features from Service cloud help to resolve this issue by automatically route cases to agents on the basis of complexity of case and workload of the agents.

Case Escalation:

Case escalation rules are used to reassign and optionally notify users when a case is not closed within a specified time period. With an escalation rule, we can configure the rule in such a way that it can notify a user accordingly. We can also configure rule entries to define the order, criteria, and escalation actions depending on the requirement. It also helps support agents to meet SLA. One escalation rule can be active at one time.


Salesforce service cloud comes with a knowledge management system, which helps businesses to build a knowledge base consisting of articles, FAQs, and other helpful information.

With a knowledge base, agents don’t have to examine every question from grass root level, every time it’s asked. Instead, when an agent pick up the question first-time, he or she records the answer in an that next time the customer asks the same question ,any other agent  don’t have to examine the question from scratch  instead search the article in the knowledge base and provide the answer from the article.

This results in better customer service and resolves issues in a timely manner.


Salesforce launched a mobile support solution for service cloud users. With this solution we can add a help button to our native iOS or Android mobile application which enable our customers to connect with agents over a one-way video and two way audio chat. Service Cloud SOS also supports screen sharing and interaction, meaning the representative can view and make marks on the end user’s screen to point out important pieces of information.

SOS is fully integrated with Omni-channel, the Service Cloud`s routing engine. Using Omni-Channel we can customize work items including SOS video calls and routed to most available and capable agents in real time. For this we don’t required third -party routing engine.


At VIPL, we assist clients  to have the  best customer experience. Our team ensures that integrations with the Salesforce Service Cloud takes your business to the next level in terms of long-term growth. For more information on pricing, implementation, customization, please contact us today.

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