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What Is Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager is an Integration tool developed by Salesforce. It can collect all customer data from Salesforce/other third-party applications and create a unified customer ID to build a single view of the customer.

It was introduced at Dreamforce 2018. Its simple way to cleanse and match customer profile across data stores.
In the absence of a scalable tool like Customer 360, organizations face challenges such as:
1. Time-consuming manual Forecasting of data maintained Outside CRM.
2. Sales-Marketing Disconnect on Journey and Attributions.
3. Poor CRM Data Quality.
4. Lack of data-driven Customer Insight and Self-Serve Analytics.


Benefit of Customer 360:

1. Create a lot of strategic sales and marketing campaigns.
2. Understand customers and their behaviors.
3. Deliver additional customized looking experiences.
How Does It Differ From Customer 360 Truth?

The Salesforce Customer 360 Truth services use the Cloud Information Model (CIM), the new open-source data model that standardizes data interoperability across cloud applications and is enabled by the open-source modeling technology by Mulesoft.


Component of Customer 360 Truth:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager, that uses a canonical data model(messages exchanged between applications or components.) and a universal Salesforce ID that represents each customer.
  • Customer 360 Identity for Customers enabling organizations to offer a single, authenticated login across all of its platforms and apps.
  • Customer 360 Audiences: capture and understand all customer data across their CRM and other data sources, like marketing tools, commerce systems, data warehouses and more.
  • Customer 360 Privacy Center: Automate the management of sensitive personal data including addresses or birthdays, in compliance with data protection regulations.
Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is a big step towards revolutionizing customer experiences. It is generally available from November 2020 as part of the Salesforce Platform.
To deliver personalized customer experience in this challenging environment organizations need a single source of truth to connect all of their customer data across every system and business in a secure way.


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