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AppExchange is a marketplace with a wide range of Salesforce products and consulting service. Its hosts more than 5000 apps, which are organised by categories, price, and industry solutions. Its fast growing marketplace with innovative products, of which 30% of apps are free.

To publish your app on AppExchange, you will need to follow the following steps.

Steps to Publish App on Salesforce AppExchange:

Step 1: Sign up for the Partner Management Program:

  • Go to from your browser and then click Join Now.
  • Enter the details of your organization.
  • Choose the option Independent Software Vendor.
  • Click on Submit Registration.

Step 2: Develop an Application:

Turn your idea into a real Application.The partner community gives you a Business org, These orgs reside inside the Environment hub.For creating new org Go to the environment hub and click on the Create Org button.

Step 3: Create Package:

Package is like  a container that can be used for a small, individual component or set of related apps. We  can create a package using Salesforce tools and distribute it to your own company, other Salesforce users or external user.
There are two types of packages, managed and unmanaged.
The main difference is that in the managed package we can upgrade the package if a new version is available while in the unmanaged package we can only edit the components but cant upgrade it.

Step 4: Publish the App:

Connect a Packaging Organization to AppExchange with following step.
  • Login to Partner Community.
  • Go to publishing page and Click the Organizations tab.
  • Click Connect Organization.
  • Enter Login Credentials for the organization.
  • Click on Submit.
If there are any packages to be found, they would appear on the package tab on the publishing page One can create an app or component listing or begin with security review from the packages tab.

Update provider profile with  location and number of employees, vision statement,etc in the provider tab. This helps in building trust in your app, component or even consulting service.

Create a new listing for  the app, consulting service or a component. This can be done with the Appexchange Publishing Console. A new listing is private till  it passes the Security Review.

Step 5: Security Review Process:

A Security review is about building the trust between you and your clients. The apps in the AppExchange will only get listed if it takes care of security by adopting the best practices on security. Your app needs to be approved by Salesforce with the help of their review team. This process will take about 4 to 6 weeks.

For every paid solution we sell on AppExchange, salesforce charges $2,700 fee payment towards security review. If Product is free, the fee is waived.

After passing the security review, we will receive an install URL. Add the install URL to the AppExchange listing and launch your product.

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