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Reports in Salesforce is a list of records that provide the answers to the questions which are important for an organization/business. These records are displayed as a table and that can be filtered or grouped based on any field.

There are two kinds of reports in Salesforce, Standard reports and Custom report types. By default, Salesforce comes with a lot of standard reports for different purposes. They are stored and categorized by the object name and purpose, such as Accounts, Account with Partner, Opportunities, Opportunity with Product etc.

Suppose if we have some specific business requirement like report on more than 2 objects or like to report on record without relationship for that we need to create a custom report type. Go to set up -> Report Type -> New Custom Report Type.

Consideration While Creating Custom Report Type:

  • We can add up to 4 objects,1 primary object and 3 related objects.
  • It can include additional fields via lookup.
  • If enabled in Report and Dashboard settings ‘Auto add new custom fields to custom report type layouts” custom field can be auto added after creation.
  • We can create, remove, rename & reorder sections & fields.
  • Only an administrator or User with “Manage Custom Report Types” permission can create a custom report type.
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