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The introduction of electric vehicles is the most important step toward going green and cleaning up our environment. With the ongoing growth of the automotive industry, the EV market has grown dramatically over the last decade. Additionally, the need for a greener environment is expanding, which has increased the need for EV charging station locator apps.

Businesses are creating EV charging station finding apps because there are currently not many electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available. It is made simpler for you to locate the nearby EV charging stations by creating such an app. Additionally, you can schedule a charging time in advance through that app and make the payment right there.

What Is An Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Finder App?

Here is how an EV charging station finder app functions:

  • If you are a car owner, you need to register on the app with your phone number, email ID, and password. Or, you can sign up quickly with your social account.
  • After signing up, the user is asked to enter a location and allow access in the app to find your location. It shows the nearest charging stations.
  • You can search the closer areas and check essential info about those stations, such as compatible EV, images, details, costs, and availability.
  • You can book a slot beforehand to save your time. Otherwise, you can visit a charging station and get your car charged.
  • Advance slot booking via the app helps you check the charging level and progress in your app.
  • Furthermore, you can see the amount you have to pay and make the payment at the charging station or through the app.

Why Invest In An EV Charging Station App?

As per the current statistics, the global EV market is predicted to increase at a rate of 26.8% per year from 2021 to 2030. In 2021, the number of EV units is more than 4,093k. This number will reach 34,756k by 2030.

Investing in an EV charging station finder app development is beneficial in several ways. Because it is still a secure point in the marketplace with low competition.

According to a study by Meticulous Research, the global market for electric vehicles would increase by 33.6 percent annually starting in 2020 and will reach 2,495.4 billion USD by 2027.

More than 1.3 million publicly accessible EV chargers were present in the world as of 2020, of which 30% were fast chargers. The number of EV charging stations will increase dramatically as EVs gain popularity and are used more frequently.

In 2020, India’s EV market was expected to be worth $5 billion USD. By 2026, it is anticipated that the market would have grown by a staggering 44 percent between 2021 and 2026.

These market figures demonstrate how quickly the EV market is growing. The need for zero carbon emission transportation and government attempts to assist zero-emission vehicles through subsidies, tax breaks, etc. are the key drivers of this growth.

As the number of EVs rises, so will the number of EV charging stations. The app concept is uncommon, even though there is little competition. As a result, creating an EV charging station location app is a great first step toward building a successful company.

Business Model of EV Charging Station App

Authorised the formation of an EV charging station locator app, you will actively look for monetization opportunities. The app provides several business options, such as membership fees, advertising, transaction commissions, etc. Let’s go through more detail!

1. Online Store Integration

You wish to make significant profit in a strategic plan without disturbing other people. One can earn that money by using membership-based Ecommerce integration facilities. Users must pay a membership fee in order to access this app.

As a result, you can benefit per time the user subscribes to your software. You can charge them to reserve a spot at the EV charging station if you want to offer a free membership option, and you will receive payment from both the charging station and the user.

2. Advertisement

It is the most common way to make money. Ads will be shown on an EV charging app in the form of movies, sidebars, pop-ups, etc. Many applications don’t charge customers a price to use them, but instead, they display certain adverts and make money from ad fees.

Key Feature of an EV Charging Station locator App

The following are the main characteristics that an EV charging station finding app has to have:

1. Sign up or register

To use an app, a new user must register with an email address, phone number, and password. You can sign up using your Facebook or Gmail social media accounts.

2. Creation of User Profiles

Users can quickly modify their profiles and make adjustments. They can add their names, vehicle identification numbers, and profile pictures.

3. EV Charging Stations in the Area

The software accesses the user’s location as they enter it and displays the charging stations that are close by. Users can find this service with less effort and wasted time.

4. Geopositioning

To display the closest charging stations, an app must access the users’ cellphones’ current locations. You can input a location to see the possibilities if you want to manually search for charging stations there.

5. Filters

You can search using advanced filter options based on the information you provided. When looking for an EV charging station, you can use various filters to discover one with top-notch service. It helps you save time.

6. Station Information

An EV charging station locating app shows pertinent details about each station and its support amenities.

7. Slot Booking Fees

Users can reserve a time slot for charging their automobiles in advance using an app that locates EV charging stations.

8. A Range of Payment Methods

The payment gateway can be integrated based on your nation or area. Allow consumers to choose from a variety of payment options within your app. They are able to pay using these means at their convenience. You can integrate, for instance, eWallets, UPI, PayPal, a debit or credit card, etc. to pay.

9. User Comments

You can rate the charging station once you’ve finished charging your electric car based on your experience. As it improves the service quality and other facets of a charging station and its service provider, it is a crucial component for a brand.

10. Billing Information

Users can review their billing history, the amount of power they used, and the daily, weekly, and monthly costs they must pay. The billing history feature makes it possible to keep track of bookings that include both user payments and energy use.

11. Push Notification

An EV charging app can notify users via notifications or alerts about local charging stations and provide reminders for forthcoming reservations, new arrival offers, etc.

12. Navigation within the app

It utilises a mapping API similar to Google Maps and operates via GPS. Users can utilise the tool to locate EV charging stations on a map in real-time. It also provides directions to the charging stations.

13. AI-Powered Chatbot

AI-based chatbots can quickly reply to user requests for assistance and provide relevant information when necessary. Additionally, they can pass on the unanswerable queries to the group in charge of these matters.

14. EV Route Finder

When customers arrange a lengthy journey, they must accredit their automobiles at various locations. To make things practical for consumers, including a trip planner tool. The function gives users access to the tour’s starting and ending points.

15. Bonus Points

Users receive reward points for regular usage of EV charging apps in the form of discount coupons, free memberships for one month, promotional coupons, and more. By offering rewards, you may increase customer loyalty and draw additional users to your app.

Technology Foundations For EV Charging Station App

The proper technological stack must be carefully chosen for every project involving the creation of mobile applications. Create an EV charging station locator app using one of the following contemporary technologies:

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App that Locates EV Charging Stations?

The price to create an EV charging station locator app largely depends on a variety of variables. The development platform you select (Android, iOS, or both), the complexity of the project, the location of the app development business you select, and the features you wish to include in the app are all important considerations.


We anticipate seeing a lot of electric vehicles on the market in the future, with some fantastic features and functionalities. The need for charging stations and station finding apps is growing along with the demand for electric vehicles. In order to match customer expectations and outperform the competition, choose a seasoned app development business as soon as possible.

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