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How much does it cost to create a Flutter app? Usually, to calculate the average cost of building an app using Flutter, you first calculate the number of hours it will take to build a particular feature or function.

Then multiply the figure by the Flutter developer hourly rates of those you have hired. It may even cost more; it all depends on the complexity of the app. That excludes additional expenses for future maintenance and the likes.

1. Features Complexity:

The major part of the cost of an app depends on the type of its complexity. Simply we can say that the more complex an app is, the more will be its development costs. Every application is divided into three types:- Low, Medium, and High complexity applications.

A low complex application must have a user-friendly interface with a minimal visual design, which makes it easy to navigate through the features. If a Medium complexity application has a wider range of functionality, it may use third-party integrations. In High complexity, the application includes payment integration, AI, AR, IoT integrations, Audio-Video integrations, and more functionality.

The following factors decide the complexity of a particular Flutter app:

2. UI/UX Design:

As we all know, “the first impression is the last impression.” Similarly, the design of an app is the first thing that attracts users. The more free-flowing and reflexive the design of an app is, the more users would be interested in connecting with the app at an individual level.

A layout is a structure that supports the visual representation of the User Interface (UI). A good layout design results in good user experiences. A correct layout makes it easier for the user to find what he is looking for. Hence more focus is on app layout while developing an application. it emphasised the price of features mainly including Animation material, The complexity of the layout, Graphical content, Interaction between programmer and user.

Some of the basic design features that add up to the cost of your Flutter app development are Colour, image, and animation, Dynamic representation, Number of displays, Design complexity of the application.

3. Backend Development:

The backend supports the user behaviour in the app, while the user can interact with the frontend only. It supports several facets like real-time chatbots, apps security, app data, and data backup. With the support of backend development, we can achieve the given below features in the mobile applications.

In Flutter with backend help, the database in the system stores user data and provides them with a personalised experience.

The multiple client requests and other operations are easily manageable.

It supports data encryption and adequately manages all the security codes in your applications. It helps to back up all the data.

4. Location of Developers:

It is no secret that the cost of living differs drastically in different countries, which is a significant reason behind the fluctuation in development costs. When you hire Flutter developers from areas where the cost of living is less, e.g., India, Pakistan, Ukraine, etc., you may be able to take advantage of high-quality app development at lower prices. You can reduce those costs by hiring an outsource company or freelance specialists. Their rates vary depending on the country they are based in.

5. App Category:

The type of app you want to create for your enterprise plays a vital role in estimating the  Flutter app development cost in India.

Dynamic Applications– Dynamic applications are based on real-time access and server-side rendering for a better user experience. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, josh, moj, and many more.

List View Applications- In these applications, users can view and interact with several data objects using multiple selections or a single selection.

Gaming Applications: The gaming application includes complex features like 3d graphics, high-resolution animation, and many more.

AI and AR Applications – In these applications users can view real-time object counting, real-time 3D models, Iot feature-based applications, and many more.

6. Server Space Rent:

If your app requires processing and storing user-generated data, you must consider server concerns and include server space rent in your cost estimation list for app development.

If you process and keep users’ data, then you need to take the most care of all server concerns. Poor servers can result in higher response time and lower performance on the side of the users. Along with that, unreliable servers will result in a user’s data leak.

7. App Release Price:

Once your app is ready, you need to launch it on a distributing platform such as App Store or Google Play: it is the proven way to reach your potential users. They charge users a particular fee for the app launch. It may affect the cost of Flutter app maintenance.

Both platforms provide users with two options: a usual release in this application is used by everyone and a release for internal use of this type of applications used by the members of a particular organisation.

8. Maintenance & Support of Application:

Your work is not finished after your app is released. The maintenance costs of the app remain over the lifetime of the app. Timely updates based on user feedback help to eliminate the basic bugs and errors missed during app development. Additionally, regular updating apps with advanced features and functionalities will keep the customers engaged. Companies include 15-20 percent of the cost into the app maintenance budget. But the longer the application has stable audiences. The greater the money amount you will give for updates. More money is spent on updates rather than actual app development.


Flutter makes mobile app development more convenient and less costly. Developing apps for multiple platforms at once via Flutter is already half the price (or less) of development.

However, you still need vigilance so that your budget is utilised judiciously and avoid wastage. One sure way to significantly reduce how much Flutter app development costs on your next project is to hire a development agency with skilled Flutter developers.

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