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Retail business is in the middle of a major shift with established players in the online marketplace disrupting traditional street-side stores.

A comparison of e-commerce sales vs. retail sales from a recent survey reveals that e-commerce accounts for only 13% of retail sales, but grew from 5% a decade ago.
Although it appears that e-commerce players like Amazon and Alibaba are dominating the way people shop, physical retail is far from dead. But, it is in an intense need for digital transformation.
“For retailers to survive and thrive with customer trends amidst the intense competition, they need to adapt. So how can we achieve this?Implement CRM Software


A CRM, however, can help your business better understand the needs and concerns of its customers and be more specific and planned in nurturing those relationships. Managing customer data, tracking leads, and answering customer feedback and requests are some basic functionalities of a CRM.
Benefits of CRM in Retail Industry

Improve Customer Service:

  • Consumers today expect personalized, one-on-one service when dealing with a company.
  • This is especially true for retail customers who often know their proprietors personally.
  • One way to improve customer service is through a CRM helpdesk ticketing system, which allows internal teams to prioritize customers where managers can assign accounts to team members.
  • It can also organize all tickets and cases to ensure customer issues are resolved timely and will improve customer satisfaction level.
Track Team Efficiency:

  • Because retailers operate with fewer employees, it’s important to know how and if individuals and teams are working efficiently and effectively.
  • Most CRM solutions have an integrated field service management feature. This enables you to know what customers your sales representatives have visited with real-time tracking and check-ins.
  • Field representatives can also access the field service management on their mobile devices and provide information about site and customer interactions, ensuring maximum productivity.
Manage Inventory:

  • One of the toughest challenges for any product-oriented business is managing inventory. Inventory management is crucial to CRM because it allows you to prevent blunder such as allowing customers to order products that are no longer in stock.
  • A good CRM will also allow you to track production and backorders, so you can tell interested customers when the item will be in stock.
Make Better Decisions:

  • In today’s data-driven world, business dashboards have grabbed a lot of attention. retailers, just like any other business, have many factors that impact the overall company performance.
  • A business dashboard developed in a CRM presents these factors in easily understood data visualizations. Dashboards are also accessible and interactive on any mobile device.
Identifying Loyal Customers:

  • According to sources, Loyal customers spend more than new customers. Almost every retailer has a loyalty or rewards program to encourage brand loyalty and improve brand awareness.
  • Then again, retailers struggle to differentiate loyal customers from the rest because they don’t maintain a history or have the necessary tools.
  • CRM makes it easy to identify your most valuable customers so you can improve the way you sell to them, and even reward them.
  • The CRM enables you to focus your sales efforts on customers who are more likely to purchase so you can provide them access to exclusive offers and improve their experience with your brand.
One place where you can find all this benefit is Salesforce for Retail. Salesforce can deliver a completely integrated shopping experience across web, mobile, and stores, using artificial intelligence to create those sought-after predictive personalized shopper journeys and deliver the best incentive to the right person, through the optimum channel at just the right moment.

If you are in the retail industry or have a retail store and want to enhance satisfaction for your customers, it is vitally important that you start using salesforce for retails.With the proper Deployment Guidance, Salesforce might be the secret weapon your retailer needs to move it to the next level.


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