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Evolution of IoT

All over the globe, people are connecting to the Internet to access information, communicate with other people, and do business. But it’s not just people that are using the Internet,devices use it too. Machine-to-machine communication is widely used in the manufacturing and power sectors to track machinery operations, report faults and raise service alerts.

In this internet age, cloud computing technologies have been showing a great impact on business enterprises. The Internet of Things (IoT) is extraordinary technology currently booming like a rocket in the IT industry.
What is IoT?

In simple terms we can say that IoT is an ecosystem with connected physical objects which can be accessed through the internet. The things involved in IoT include anything from a person or a mobile device having sensors.
How Does IoT Work?

A complete IoT system is made up of four different components that work together to deliver the desired output.Let’s look at each component and understand what it does.
1. Sensors/Devices:

Firstly, sensors or devices collect very minute data from the surrounding environment. For instance, the mobile phone is a device with several built-in sensors such as Camera,GPS, Accelerometer, without which the phone is not able to sense things.


2. Connectivity:

Once the data is collected, it is sent to a cloud infrastructure also called an IoT platform with the help of a medium(wired/wireless technologies).


3. Data Processing:

Once the data gets to the cloud infrastructure, it is stored, analyzed, and processed securely using a Big Data Analytics Engine for better decision making.
4. User Interface/Mobile app:

The last step involves informing the end user about the action through an email, text, notification, or alert sound triggered on their IoT application.
Salesforce IoT Cloud :

Salesforce announced ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT) Cloud during Dreamforce ’15. The idea behind the launch of the new IoT Cloud is to store and analyze real-time data and then integrate it with the company’s core CRM product.
Salesforce IoT Cloud is powered by Thunder which is an event-processing engine designed to capture, filter and respond to events in real-time.
Thunder is built on the following open-source tools:


Incoming data are dumped into Kafka. Spark takes the data from Kafka and puts it into Cassandra for profile updates. Storm uses the data from Kafka for real-time events.
These technologies are run on Salesforce’s own Heroku PaaS that maintains the development environment and integrates other cloud services.
Benefits of Salesforce IoT Cloud:

No Code Platform:

Salesforce IoT cloud uses a low code/no code approach which means business professionals can carry out their IoT process without any IT knowledge. This approach reduces costs and enables organizations to test business ideas readily without the requirement of programming code.
Data analytics:

Salesforce IoT Cloud produces visualization reports, predictions, trends, and patterns.Salesforce uses Einstein Analytics to enhance data processing. It helps CRM users work with sensor data, relevant ERP records, website logs and other relevant channels. With all this data, CRM users get an in-depth picture of how the products and services are used, and can accordingly predict trends.
Customer Management:

  • The data from customers’ connected things can be used to improve customer management.
  • For example, With connected sensors, retailers can monitor the conditions in which the goods are transported and stored, identify which products are currently in stock and whether additional supplies are needed.
  • As the information about customer preferences in various regions is accommodated, it’s possible to identify which regions need more of particular goods.

Salesforce IoT Cloud is a huge platform for businesses irrespective of their verticals to respond to the changing customer needs and their proactive approach to solving customer issues. The IoT cloud platform is the future for businesses to provide the much-needed support to their customers.

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