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Chatbots have gone mainstream in recent years but the concept of chatbot is not a new one. It was around for more than six decades. Mark Zuckerberg popularized the term after the launch of Facebook Messenger Platform. According to him, chatbots are the new UI and mobile apps are going dead.

Giant tech companies including Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft adopted the chatbot to benefit from it. Presently, the majority of chatbots are developed on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, with more than 130k bots available. Skype, Slack, Wechat, and iMessage are also some of the messaging channels available.
The availability of chatbot development platforms, ease of integration with messaging platform, increasing demand of customers and low-cost chatbot development companies, leads to the adoption of chatbot.
The question is what happens if the chatbots are taken to a whole new level and the conversational interfaces are taken to other digital platforms like mobile app and website. The answer lies in Native Chatbot Development. It is the concept where users interact with the website browser.
Wondering what benefits it would bring to your business, and how it would help you in acquiring customers – let us have a look at it.

Benefits of Web Chatbots

1. Information gathering:

Bots can be programmed to ask questions about the location, price range, characteristics, and amenities people prefer when looking at properties. By the time a client reaches the Realtor, the necessary information has already been collected, which save lots of time for both client and agent.

2. Continued content delivery:

Using the answers that the prospects provide, a real estate bot searches for relevant MLS listings and delivers property information as it becomes available. The bot already knows which clients to target, so you never have to scramble to get new listings out to the right people.

3. Instant and ongoing engagement:

Available upon request, chatbots can engage potential clients at any time. This not only makes your agency more reliable but also ensures leads stay connected after the initial contact is made.

4. Tailored User Experience:

Brands know how important a user experience is especially if it is personalized to meet the expectations of customers. It is the foundation of turning a lead into customer and customer into a returning customer. Conversational Chatbots makes the customer feel like they are chatting with a human being and not a bot.
Instead of using Natural Language Processing, website owners can use interface-based interactions to deal with UX issues. For a retail website, the chatbot acts like a salesperson, who is meant to help the visitors with the product information, tracking the status of delivery and making the payment.

5. Extensive Customer Support:

While shopping online or offline, customer support is important to address the problems of the customers. Chatbots are available 24/7 and if your bot can do the same, it would make a significant improvement in your customer acquisition.
For instance, if a chatbot is integrated on your e-commerce website, it can help customers find new deals and display product relevant to the past buying behavior or search. Moreover, not only limited to finding the products but also updating shipping address, new registration, making payment and so forth.
Thus, chatbot comes with a myriad of benefits, not only to acquire customers but also helping the brands to save cost and improving customer experience.

6. Better Lead Generation:

User engagement is the core of any business, especially when we talk about today’s digital business. Talking in a broader perspective, user engagement is the main driver of lead generation.
The reason is that it helps you understand the requirements of your customers. Thus, maximizing the chances of nurturing leads. The chatbot can upsurge your ROI by connecting it with your CRM platform. However, the chatbot must be rightly designed, coded and integrated with the business ecosystem to make your customers happy.

7. Targeting Audience on a Larger Scale:

Reaching target audience on a larger scale is possible through messaging platforms like Skype, Facebook, Slack, and Telegram. Moreover, these messaging platforms have driven a phenomenal success and user-base support. The best thing about these platforms is that startups or businesses don’t have to tell the audience about it. It is widely adopted and accepted in the market.

8. Analyzing Consumer Data and Insights:

Business intelligence is the core of any brand’s success. Gaining customer data and insights has become a lot easier with AI chatbot and machine learning. The chatbots can be used to learn about the trends, take a look at past conversation to have a glimpse of their interests and choices, and see what makes them annoyed or happy. The data can be utilized by businesses to innovate the product and service offerings tailored to what customers like the most.

9. Lead Generation through Chatbots – What to Do?

Similar to your website, your chatbot must be well coded and designed to make lead generation possible. What to do to generate leads through chatbots, let’s have a look.

10. Engage Your Visitors:

Engaging your visitors is the vital part of lead generation. It is proven from the statistics that 50% of visitors who imitated conversation with chatbot gave their contact details at the end of the session.
Building a chatbot for a website means to give superfluous experience to the customers. Without letting them know whether they are talking to the bot or a real human, make sure to include the picture of someone working in your company. Don’t use company’s logo or free stock image.
If there is no one conversing with your chatbot, you need to revisit and check what’s wrong. Once you see the chatbot is engaging your visitors and having a conversation with them, you must collect the data and use it to improve website’s conversion rate.

11. Focus on the Answers:

The majority of webmasters think that if the visitors come to know that they are talking to a bot instead of a real person, the chatbot answer should be robotic. However, it is not true as long as the customers are getting the answers to their questions about products or services. Whether it be a robot or a real human, they are least bothered when they are getting the real information.
For instance, if the person asks for shipping charges of a product, he/she wants to get the exact answer to make the decision. Either the shipping is free or paid, the visitor wants the information and decide to opt for the product or vice versa.

12. Automate Everything:

The database helps a business maximize their efficiency and save time as all the sessions are documented, making it easier to follow up. This would help in lead generation efforts as the process is simplified. It is not only the process that becomes efficient but also the sales conversions that become optimal.
The core purpose of chatbot is to improve the efficiency of the business. However, it does not mean that you won’t face any discrepancies or hurdles. Make sure to be well informed of these hurdles and devise a plan to deal with them.

How can Variance InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Help You?

The emergence of chatbots led to the rise of chatbot development companies. Variance InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, a software development company realized the ever-rising demand of chatbots and the benefits attached to it. We know how serving customers better matters to businesses and what it feels like when the customers are stuck in between question and the reply.
Realizing the pain, our developers and engineers have specialized in developing lead generation bots so that you never miss a sale. Whether it be mobile app, web app or chat services, we build powerful, flexible and easy to use the platform to help you convert better than ever.
Stay connected with your customers 24/7, and never lose a single lead ever.

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