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Salesforce is #1 CRM in the market. Learning Salesforce platform is not complicated. Even if you are from a non-IT background and looking to build a career in salesforce cloud platform, salesforce is the right option for you. Below is the list of top salesforce training resources.

1. Trailhead:

Trailhead launched in 2014. It consist of three level trail, module and unit. It free, online and self-paced learning program. Gamification is built into the Trailhead program, so users can  earn badges for milestones reached in their Trailhead education. Its has more than 1200 module, quizzes, and hands-on activities by linking a Salesforce Org Trailhead Playground. We can Launch Trailhead Playground from any hands-on challenge or project  by clicking Launch.

2. Udemy:

Udemy is video-based Salesforce training and structured self-paced courses that come with a certificate of completion. The online academy includes more than 80 Salesforce courses. It will cost you around your lunch price.

3. Simplilearn:

Simplilearn is an online academy which offers courses on salesforce. Its courses are longer and more comprehensive than Udemy. It include project, case studies, quizzes. Its costlier than udemy.

4. Youtube Channels:

There are some community-led YouTube channels with an extraordinary number of free Salesforce training videos, recorded by some of the community’s most familiar faces. like
These videos will help you to understand the fundamentals and concept of the salesforce cloud platform.

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