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Hope everyone is safe and doing well! Below is the summary of the top 7 salesforce admin features for Summer ’20 Release.

1. Row-Level Formula Unique Fields:

Salesforce has now increased the number of unique fields a report row-level formula can reference. This is very important for users who need to reference multiple fields in a formula. Earlier, a user could reference up to 3 unique fields. Now users can reference up to 5 unique fields.
2. Orders without Price Books:

Salesforce now allows users to enable orders without price books. The orders won’t require a value for the Price Book or Price Book Entry fields. This feature must be enabled in setup and is available to those with B2B licenses (B2B Commerce, B2B Commerce Starter, B2B Commerce Plus, or B2B Commerce Growth).
3. Big Deal Alerts:

Users can now Customize Big Deal Alerts in Lightning Experience. Earlier, users could only set up Big Deal Alerts in Salesforce Classic. To configure this feature in Setup, navigate to Big Deal Alert and enter your email address in the Sender Email field.


4. Lightning Flow:

Salesforce has put more emphasis on flow in the summer 20 release. You now can trigger a flow without the need for Apex and process builder. The flow can be triggered after a record is saved or updated. You can now create flows that are equivalent to Before / After triggers.



5. Split List View:

This feature gives the Salesforce standard ListView layout a real boost, allowing users to see their list view data, as well as a selected record. If you have earlier worked with the Console view, this gives a very similar experience. Users will see an extra option in the “Display As” field and can turn this on at will.



6. In-App Guidance Builder :

Salesforce has also put more emphasis on in-App Guidance Builder in the summer 20 release. This release is a little different, as it now has a new look and feel. The new In-App Guidance now looks like other builder tools in Salesforce. This new In-App Guidance builder makes it easier for administrators to create prompts and walkthrough steps for users


7. Optimizer App:

A lovely interactive app has been created for administrators. The app is called the Salesforce Optimizer and gives administrators insight into the overall health and performance of their org. Earlier we called it the Salesforce Optimizer tool. The tool created a PDF download, which could be viewed by administrators. This new application is more convenient, as it gives administrators expert suggestions on maintaining their org inside of Salesforce.


For more details on the release features, please visit Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes.


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