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Hope everyone is safe and doing well! Below is the summary of the top 10 Salesforce features for Winter’21 Release.

1. Easily Access Deleted Fields:

We have a new button that you can access from the Fields and Relationships option of an object called “Deleted Fields”. You can see the deleted fields and find them by Label, API Name, or Type.


2. Email Templates Builder:

You can now create email templates faster and more easily with visual tools in Email Template Builder. Instead of including HTML code, users can drag elements to create effective email templates. They can compose email templates with a few clicks to place design elements right where they want them.
Creating and managing Email Template Builder is available to users with the Access Drag-and-Drop Content Builder or Manage Content Builder permission. Any user that can send an email can use email template builder.
After creating a Lightning email template, users with the above permission see the Edit in Builder button.


3. Schedule Salesforce Optimizer:

Salesforce Optimizer helps admins to keep org customizations good and simple. It can now be set to run automatically every month to ensure minor changes are not having any negative impact, so you can act on them before things pile up and cause a bigger mess later on.


4. Analyze Lightning Pages:

From the Lightning App Builder, you can access the Analyze button. When you click it, Lightning Page will be scanned and inform you about how to optimize it and what might be causing any slow-downs to your page.



5. Custom Condition Logic (AND/OR):

As part of winter 21, we have now options to use AND, OR conditions logics and custom operators in all Flow elements. We can specify whether we want ANY conditions or ALL conditions.


6. Debug Flow as Another User:

Debugging a flow is now easier than ever with the ability to debug a flow as another user. When you debug a flow as another user, you can catch flow exceptions like sharing and profile configuration before they occur in production org.


7. Trigger a Flow on Deletion:

In Flow Builder, we can configure a new record–triggered flow to run before a record is deleted. We no longer need to write Apex code for this. This auto launched flow runs in the background and updates related records when a record is deleted.


8. Dynamic Forms:

Dynamic Forms is generally available from winter 21. Go to the Lightning record page of a custom object and select the Highlights Panel or the Record Detail component, then click Upgrade Now from the Record Detail properties pane to launch the Dynamic Forms migration wizard. With few clicks, the wizard adds fields and field sections to the page for you.
With Dynamic Forms, you’ll be able to Place fields anywhere on the field section without adding them to the page layout and also Control the visibility of fields and sections based on the criteria you choose.



9. Apex Safe Navigator Operator:

Salesforce introduced a new feature in winter 21, it’s called safe navigation operator. The main purpose of it, to avoid null pointer exceptions and make code clean.
If the left side of the chain expression (?.) evaluates to null, then the right side will not be evaluated. This safe navigation can be used in the method, variable, and property chaining. The part of the expression that is not evaluated can include variable and property chaining.
This example first evaluates a and returns null if a is null. Otherwise, the return value is a.b.
a?.b // Evaluates to : a==null ? Null : a.b
10. Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring:

Einstein Opportunity Scoring was a paid feature till October 2020 but now it’s free for all Salesforce customers. Not only that, you can now exclude certain records from the Einstein Opportunity Scoring model, as well as ignore fields of your choosing. Earlier Einstein Lead Scoring required 1000 new leads and 120 lead conversions to start scoring your leads, but now you can turn it on instantly.


For more details on the release features, please visit Salesforce winter’21 Release Notes.


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