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Salesforce Spring ’22, the release notes are  now available. Below is the summary of the top 10 Salesforce features for Spring 22 Release.

1. Einstein Search for Knowledge Enhancements:

Support agents now get Knowledge search results in multiple languages. They can look for articles and return the ones that are in their personal profile language and in the Knowledge base default language. Support agent can override and modify the Knowledge language filter and search will return results according to specified language.

2. Sort Past Activities by Completed Date:

We can now sort activities not just by their due date but also by their completed date. To enable this feature, Go to set up->Activity Settings and check the box for Sort past activities by the completed date.

3. Dynamic Gauge Charts:

Dynamic gauge charts are now generally available. Using the Dynamic mode, we can control the chart measure ,the chart target, and the maximum value in the chart. If you want to use fixed values to create the gauge chart, go with the Standard mode.

4. Scoping Rule:

Scoping rules allow us to  control the default records that  users see based on criteria that we select. We can set up scoping rules for different users in your Salesforce org so that they can focus on the records that matter to them. Scoping rules are available for the account, case, contact, event, lead, opportunity,  task and custom  objects. Using Tooling or Metadata API we can create, edit, or delete scoping rules.

5. Easily Find The Right Report Type for New Reports:

With the enhanced report type selector, we can quickly access recently used report types and view the fields and objects that are included in the report. We can also see which report types are standard or custom. Go to set up->Report and Dashboard setting and select Enable Recommended Report Types.

6. Auto-layout:

Auto-layout is now GA in Flow Builder. User can select between free-form and auto layout via drop-down.

7. Track your Flows in Browser Tabs:

Now browser tab titles display flow name and version so that we can quickly scan workspace and find the flow.

8. Collection Filter:

Using a collection filter we can filter unwanted data from collection. When flow executes it produces output with elements that meet condition and keep original collection intact.

9. Custom Labels for Screen Flow:

If the default Navigational  label doesn’t work for your flow we can customize the label right within the flow builder. This feature is now generally available.

10. Migrate Workflow Rules to Flow Tool:

Migration instructions will display on the UI where admins can create new WFRs and processes. For WFRs, there’s also a link to the migration tool. Similarly when you create a process you will be encouraged to create your automation using flow builder.

For more details on the release features, please visit Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes.

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