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AppExchange is a big marketplace with a wide range of Salesforce products and consulting service. Its hosts more than 4000 apps, which are organised by categories, price, and industry solutions. Its fast growing marketplace with innovative products, of which 30% of apps are free.

Top 10 Free AppExchange Apps in 2021 are as below:
Salesforce Adoption Dashboards is Developed by Salesforce Labs, this app provides dashboards to analyze user logins, adoption of key features and related trends. All you have to do is install the package from the Appexchange and you’ll see new dashboards providing you insights on adoption within your organization.
Review: 4.5/5 (469)
Categories: Admin & Developer Tools
Edition: Professional & Up


Mass Update + Mass Edit + Mass Dele, is developed By Versatile Capitalist. which is used for performing the Multiple updates, edit, and delete operation at a time. It works for both standard and custom objects.
Review: 4 /5 (195)
Categories: Admin & Developer Tools
Edition: Professional & Up


Agile Accelerator is developed by Salesforce Labs. Salesforce has been using this product for many years for managing backlogs, sprints, user stories, defects and more. Now they are providing this app to their customers. It provides you with team visibility throughout the company and helps us quickly collaborate on work. Its included with the most popular feature Grand Unification System (GUS).
Review: 4 /5 (83)
Categories: Project Management
Edition: Enterprise & Up

salesforce-dataloader is developed by mulesoft. Using it we can quickly and securely import, export and delete unlimited amounts of data for your organisation. Its 100% cloud solution. We can also schedule import and export on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Its support both Standard and Custom object.
Review: 4.5 /5 (572)
Categories: Integration
Edition: Professional & Up


Rollup Helper is developed By Passage Technology. Using it we can rollup any salesforce data(Count, sum, max, min, average, percent, lookups, text, formula, and multi-currency) with click and not code. Using it we can build mission critical reports and trigger intelligent data-driven workflows.
Review: 4.5 /5 (411)
Categories: Analytics
Edition: Essentials & Up


Field Trip is developed by RingLead. its allows you to analyze the fields of any object and gives you instant insight into what percentage of your records have that specific field populated. We can also run reports on the standard and custom fields, for a better understanding of which fields are important to your organization. Its available in Lightning and supports person accounts.
Review: 4.5 /5 (247)
Categories: Admin & Developer Tools
Edition: Enterprise & Up


Duplicate check is developed by By Plauti B.V. With that we can find and merge duplicates in Lead, contact account and other custom object. Its also helps you to prevent duplication on manual entry, import, and api insert. Its support multi-currency and person account, also available on Salesforce1 mobile.
Review: 4.5 /5 (231)
Categories: Data Cleansing
Edition: Professional & Up


Scan to salesforce is developed by Sansan Inc. Its Business card scanner for android and IOS. You can scan upto 4 business cards at once. Its also validate and separate the addresses. Its Lightning ready and available for Salesforce 1 mobile.
Review: 4.5 /5 (66)
Categories: Productivity
Edition: Professional & Up


Assignment Plug-in is developed by GearsDesign. One of the limitations of standard Case and Lead assignment rules is that they work only when a new record is created. There are many scenarios for sending a Lead or Case back through assignment rules for better align with your business processes. The Assignment plug-in helps salesforce administrators in that.
Review: 5 /5 (35)
Categories: Admin & Developer Tools
Edition: Enterprise & Up


Dialpad for Salesforce allows sales and service teams to make calls out of the Salesforce interface and log calls automatically to leads, contacts, accounts, cases, and custom objects without the use of any hardware, desk phones, or installed software. Its Lightning ready and support multi-currency.
Review: 4 /5 (94)
Categories: Customer Service
Edition: Enterprise & Up
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