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Mobile apps really have gotten into the businesses, especially for them to stay in the game while businesses around the globe are growing strong on a digital platform.

To keep the businesses at an equal pace, one of the most preferred frameworks is flutter in mobile app development.

Flutter app development tools open up an agile and simpler development process for app developers. Flutter tools are an unmatched companion in terms of code debugging, visual support, and code completion.

The following are the promising tools that can be considered for flutter app development:

1) Panache:

Panache is considered one of the best Flutter app development tools that are trusted by developers. It’s used by over 40 million developers worldwide.

Panache helps you to create custom material themes for your Flutter application. Customise the colours, shapes and other theme properties and export it as a .dart file to your google drive folder. you can personalise and download themes and materials for your software.

Key Features :
  • Custom theme creation
  • Open Source
  • Widget Customization
  • Easy access for coding


This is an open-source analytical tool cross-app mobile app development platform that prioritises data security and privacy. Because the tool is free to use,’s free version allows you to track fundamental KPIs and metrics that showcase the operations of an app. also has a paid version that allows on-premises as well as cloud testing. The paid version also comes with an A/B testing Feature, push notification and various devloper_focused features.

Key Features :

3) Android Studio:

A large number of developers, who utilise the Flutter platform for developing apps, use Android Studio. And this is the perfect IDE for developers who wish to create highly efficient applications. It offers widget editing support, syntax highlight procedures, and code completion features.

developers can ensure maintaining the best coding standard while working on the project. It can also be attributed to several advanced features that help in respect of process automation, managing dependencies and customising the configuration once and for all. The APK Analyzer allows easy inspection of the APK contents, and revealing the APK size ensures reducing the APK size.

Key Features :
  • Smart Code editor
  • Layout Customization
  • Fast and feature-rich emulator
  • Configure build without apps

4) Visual Studio:

Microsoft created this open-source and free code editor for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Visual Studio is a flutter code-friendly mobile app development toolkit that runs tasks, version control, and creating, debugging cloud and web apps.

It has garnered its reputation as a super simple to use, highly productive, and powerful tool that works impeccably with Python and C++ and various other complex workflows.

Key Features :
  • Smart code completion
  • Snippets
  • Extensions
  • Code debugging from the editor

5) Codemagic:

Codemagic, just like its name, is one of the other magical Flutter development tools. Its automation feature allows you to test and develop mobile applications. It enables smooth and consistent Flutter-based app development integration and delivery.

It has an automated function that allows users to build and develop your app with ease. Therefore, it simplifies the launching procedure with this tool and makes it undisturbed, up-front and hassle-free integration.

Key Features :
  • Support for the latest Flutter
  • Portal integration with Apple
  • Eliminate and automate manual intervention
  • .25X reduction in time to market

6) Supernova:

Supernova is an assistance tool for Flutter which allows developers to import UI designs and wireframes and then deploy them to the flutter development environment. It provides assistance for material design widgets and style handling that can bring the ideas of style and token into a Flutter app.

The Flutter developer frequently deploys Supernova to enhance app design, user experience and overall utility. Moreover, by importing your Adobe XD or Sketch file, Supernova can spare you time.

Key Features :
  • Export design to flutter
  • Real-time alterations
  • Easy iteration
  • Intelligent prototyping

7) Square:

Square is an in-app payment handling platform that deals with every complicacy that comes with payment processing for you. Using its Flutter SDK, you can begin getting in-app payments via an easily customizable user interface with the assistance of stored cards and online wallets for fast checkout. This platform can calculate and inform the user of pending instalments, incoming credits, and logging expenses made through the device.

Key Features :
  • Customizable UI
  • Real-time customer updates
  • Tools supporting extensibility
  • Reflexive layout

8) Firebase:

Flutter development tools are Google’s Firebase which helps in building and running successful mobile applications. It helps integrate with the Flutter application and helps with app release across Android and iOS platforms. You can put Firebase APIs together in a single SDK. This is how you can unify the backend. Firebase has several functionalities incorporating crash reporting and messaging.

Flutter app development tools offer spectacular features and functionalities like crash reporting, real-time database, messaging campaigns, remote configuration, cloud storage, machine learning and hosting, and firebase authentication.

Key Features :
  • Performance monitoring
  • Rapid development
  • support analytics and A/B testing
  • cloud messaging and push notifications.

9) Adobe XD:

Adobe XD developers can create wireframes, animations, create prototypes and collaborate with the rest of their team without running separate applications. Adobe XD gives their output in the .dart format which means that developers can directly place the design into the Flutter app in which they are working.

Key Features :
  • Design structures & layouts
  • Easy and fast prototyping
  • Smooth animations
  • Collaboration from a single place

10) ScreenShots:

Screenshots are one of the most efficient IDEs for Flutter app building, Screenshot, a command-line utility, helps you capture screenshots. These integrated screenshots also work transparently on iOS and Android platforms. Screenshots work effectively on all major platforms and can help in starting up iOS and Android emulators. Developers can also integrate Screenshots into the running Flutter app.

Key Features :
  • One run for both platforms
  • Cloud support
  • CI/CD tool

Final Words:

Mobile application development cycle starts from market analysis, wireframing, designing , testing, maintenance and upgradation which may get futile if you don’t choose the right tools!

If you are planning to choose Flutter for your mobile app development, without a second thought give these tools a try which may help you smoothen out the workflow.

We are knowledgeable and follow a customer-centric approach for all our Flutter app development projects. Get started with us today!

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