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Many companies are investing heavily in the development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions after witnessing its rising popularity in the industry.
Variance infotech pvt ltd have Technique and best developers for making AR/VR System.

Even though these two hyped technologies sound a lot alike, they are quite unique and are used by businesses differently.
Technologies give businesses a competitive edge with well-rounded marketing solutions.
By spending a lot of hours in polishing ourselves in AR/VR technology we keep getting good feedback from various review websites.
Recently we are awarded by GoodFirms as one of the Top 10 AR/VR Development firms for the year 2019.

Variance offers AR/VR Services in Various Industries Verticals Like…

1) Education:

We all know that we memorise better what we see instead of what we listen. Augmented Reality is proving this fact. Still, there are educators who believe that technology is ruining our generation Like Science, Engineering and Medical Student will Improve their practical knowledge Using AR/VR Apps. We can’t stop kids from using smartphones but we can make sure they are not wasting their lives because of technology
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2) RealEstate:

This app along with the AR technology allows the users to see their how look like their home in a 3D version through tablets or smartphones. This can be of major help when you are a part of Real estate industry. If you are interested in buying a house, you can check the space in a 3D version, sitting at home by flipping the images. And then you decide to buy seeing it inside out.
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3) AR Furniture:

Shop For Furniture In Augmented Reality Variance new App allows the user to directly insert furniture into home/office so there is no more guessing if it fits or looks alright. The app Scales products with 98% accuracy so you can really see if it fits ahead of time.
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Our Customer’s Review on Clutch has given us the chance to show our capability in offering solutions in various Technologies.


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