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Beginning February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require customers to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to access Salesforce products. MFA will be available to the customers at no extra charge. MFA provide extra layer of protection against common threat like such as phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and account takeovers.
MFA requires users to provide username and password and one more piece of information while they login.

User can select any of the verification method listed below:

  • Salesforce Authenticator, Its free mobile app available for IOS and Android devices.
  • Third-Party Authenticator App like Google Authenticator.
  • Security keys like Yubico’s YubiKey or Google’s Titan Security Key..

Step to enable MFA in ORG:

  • Go to set up and enter session settings and under Session Security Levels. ensure Multi-Factor Authentication is in the High Assurance category.

  • Enable MFA for users by assigning the Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins user permission For testing purposes, it can be assigned to the one or two users.

  • Set up and install the Salesforce Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  • Login with Username and password.
  • Salesforce will prompt you to enter two phrase words.
  • Go to SF authenticator app and Click on add account and it will display two phrase word.
  • Enter two phrase words and click connect and also tap on mobile to Connect.
Now users can login and do their business.

If a user forgets their phone at home and wants to login they need temporary verification code from SF admin.

To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication please follow the Trailhead module.

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