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In this modern age,a good CRM system is a necessity for all up and coming business. In the past we used to keep track of customers via a number of spreadsheets and sticky notes.

CRM software has evolved from a simple customer management system into a robust tool that helps identify leads, follow up prospects, and nurture them through the sales pipeline, all within one easily accessible solution.
Choosing the right CRM Vendor can be difficult, and not just because there are so many suppliers out there.You have various other aspects to consider, such as cost, deployment options, flexibility, scalability, integration, and other suitable business requirements.
Important questions to ask before making a CRM purchase

If you are a small business looking for its first CRM, or like to switch from a CRM that you are currently using. Following Question needs to be asked.
  • Does CRM offer automation that will eliminate the need for manual data entry? eg.For lead management integration with twilio or whatsapp.
  • If the business grows, will the price per user go down?
  • Are there any training materials available online and free?
  • What are the options available for scalability as your business grows?eg.number of users increase.


Salesforce Essentials is made of sales cloud and service cloud for small businesses that is easy to use and with powerful features.Essential ensures that you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling, by automatically tracking your emails,calls and meetings ,so that customer records are up to date without tedious data entry.
Benefit of Salesforce Essentials:
Cost Effective:

  • The major constraints of small business are limited budgets. They are not able to spend a large capital on an expensive CRM platform. Instead of that, they are looking for an economical way.
  • Salesforce will give you access to sales cloud essentials for up to 10 user for only 25$ per user/month .Not only that if you are afraid of commitment you can subscribed to month to month basis for $35 month.


Training Resources:

  • One of the biggest fears for a company implementing a new piece of software is low user adoption.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Sales Cloud Essentials is its Trailhead training program.
  • Trailhead provides guided training materials with detailed explanations of every component in Essentials in order to help employees familiarize themselves with all of the terminology and features in Salesforce.
Bundle with Service Cloud:

Salesforce Essential comes with a service cloud module,with that the sales team can connect to multiple support channels that can be accessed on any device and any where ,which helps in customer satisfaction and problem resolution.Its also provide automation tools like case assignment rule, web to case etc.

The biggest benefit of Salesforce Essentials, however, is probably it’s ability to scale.Small business CRMs are great at getting small and medium size business off the ground, but there are sometimes difficulties scaling up as the number of users grows and the amount of information stored in the application increases. Salesforce Essentials is specifically built for that.
  • Salesforce has one of the largest third-party app marketplaces and many of these will work on Essentials.Having access to these solutions and integrations can be a major consideration as small businesses grow.
  • If you keep an eye on costs as you grow, and stay within your data limits, this small business edition of Salesforce is worth a try.


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