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Salesforce introduced lightning many years ago but we are still using classic page layout. There has been huge demand and expectation from the salesforce community that we should use lightning app builder for page design instead of page layout was #1 requested feature on ideas Exchange.

Finally, this feature was introduced in summer 20 in the form of Dynamic Forms and  Generally Available from winter 21.

With Dynamic forms we can define the layout of a record detail page that contains fields and sections same as page layout. What makes it dynamic is that we can now show/hide the sections fields based on certain filter criteria, which is currently not possible with page layouts. eg. Show a particular section with relevant fields when a picklist field has a certain value.

Enabling Dynamic Forms:

To enable dynamic forms, edit the lightning record page(Custom object only), this will open Lightning App Builder, select the Record Detail component, then click Upgrade Now button.

How does it work?

Dynamic forms come with a standard Lightning Component called “Field Section”. We can add that component in the page, select the fields to add in the section and create a filter to define.

  • When to display the section.
  • on what form factor to display the section and( desktop/mobile).
  • Whom to display the section(User/permission).

Benefit of Dynamic Form:

  • We can place fields and sections wherever we want, even on separate tabs.
  • Using visibility rules we can show and hide fields and sections.
  • Reduce the number of page layouts we need with component visibility rules.
  • Its support single assignment model instead of dual model of assigning a Lightning page & a page layout.


  • It supports only custom objects.
  • We can add only 100 fields per column in a Field Section component.
  • Traditional page layouts still control related lists.
To learn more about Dynamic Forms please follow the Trailhead module.

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