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After months of Backend development, we’re excited that soon launch of Dynamic forms as an Add-ons to SuiteCRM Store. It’s our biggest update in over past few months, so it’s taking a long time coming.


Why Dynamic Forms ?

Why did we decide to develop Dynamic forms? To Be very precise, we felt it was time to build something which helps many industries working with SuiteCRM. We wanted to give you an detailed form building experience by making it faster and easier than ever to create powerful online dynamic forms.

How we build Dynamic form in SuiteCRM ?

How did we go about creating Dynamic forms ? It’s been a process! We started asking customers customers like you to using emailing them to asking Idea of SuiteCRM extension or enhancement which will help them with their existing SuiteCRM capabilities.
We spread the Dynamic form updates across our internal launch phases, allowing QA Team to test new features and functionality. we ran through a full internal beta launch. We used detailed feedback from every stage of the development process to improve the Dynamic forms ahead of its official launch.

What features in Dynamic form ?

What’s feature in dynamic form ? The Dynamic form has clean and step by step implementation from association of Dynamic forms to module to creating complete dynamic form with questions.
Key features associated with Dynamic forms:
  • Navigation – We made the Dynamic forms you need easier to use. Easy to associate Questions with Module
  • Design forms – Dynamic forms include design of Header, Footer and Questions area. Questions can be in One page or multi page.
  • Map to Field – Dynamic forms having a map to field feature to associate field with the questions. So answer of any questions associate with the field of module. This will generate workflow actions.
  • Form Fields – We redesigned and reordered the form fields portion of your Custom form and enhanced the functionality of some of the advanced fields.
  • Conditional Logic – We made it easier to add workflow condition to forms,so you can quickly create and manage logic applied to them.
  • Reports – Detail reports help you to get the Insights of the answer by customer on every questions associated with the forms.

When Dynamic forms will be available ?

When will you see new Dynamic form? All SuiteCRM users can get the updates of our upcoming Dynamic forms release through our extensions available on SuiteCRM store. We’re targeting this to be available on first week of may 2019.
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