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As digital transformation continues to take the world by storm, the market is seeing a rapid increase in the number of technologies, frameworks, and platforms that offer to help companies build successful products. Developers can build websites and web applications without having to build them up from scratch. This is possible with the help of standardized software stacks that follow a consistent approach and are readily available.


Developers and businesses have a plethora of choices, each offering a great range of benefits. Depending upon your business needs and target market, you need to make a smart choice that adds value to your business.
Though there exist various options out there that claim to help deliver state-of-the-art products, the truth is that only a few can do that. Among the ones that can successfully fulfill what they claim to provide is the MEAN stack.


MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies including MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. MEAN stack has been a great addition to the tools used by the developers and enterprises to address the challenges. It’s a whole collection of technologies based on JavaScript and is highly result-oriented. This means front-end and back-end both are going to write in a single programming language.
Web applications developed in MEAN stack have codebase is written entirely in one language — JavaScript. In fact, the isomorphic code functionality lets developer use the same set of JavaScript code between the components of MEAN stack that makes way for seamless interoperability between the two ends, lower utilization of human resources, re-usability of software components, cost-reduction and rapid cloud deployment of applications. Since it is JavaScript all the way, with limited members of the development team, it handles your complete application.
As JavaScript on both sides, same developers create both sides of the web application, those sides can communicate better; making way for tighter integration between the client and server-side, which directly translates to top-notch user experience without too many caveats. As the same team handles every part of the development from server configurations to database utilization, resulting in business applications are well integrated between the software components.
Whenever needed, a developer can easily switch between front-end and back-end as part of the development without much fuss, with no assigned roles, developers will work towards project completion rather than fulfilling their roles. No doubt, many businesses are looking at MEAN Stack development to build fresh business applications or to replace existing ones. It brings a number of business benefits.


Since JavaScript developers can maintain your application, you don’t have to run a whole lot of maintenance teams for both ends. Thus, you can maintain your business applications at a fraction of the cost. All of the 4 technologies of MEAN stack are open-sourced. That is they are free to use, and you don’t have to pay any license fee to the MEAN stack development company.
All in all, developing in MEAN stack doesn’t require you to make any additional investment. MEAN Stack is a combination of cross-platform technologies thus cross-platform itself. The resulting code is platform-independent. You don’t need specific hardware to run it and your existing IT infrastructure will work quite fine. Even if they don’t have the infrastructure in place, MEAN stack applications are easy to deploy on the cloud. For additional resources, they always hire a cloud team to collaborate with their in-house team.
Using MEAN stack can not only help you in streamlining workflow and but also in enhancing customer satisfaction with business growth.
Some of the leading business brands making effective use of Mean Stack to leverage a smoother experience are — PayPal, Uber, Yahoo, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many more.
In summary:

  • Web development with MEAN stack is cost-effective
  • It is entirely based on JavaScript
  • Facilitates highly scalable web applications with rapid development
  • Cloud compatible
  • Open source and user-friendly
  • Exceptional performance

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