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Importance of Salesforce Certification:

In this world of intense competition, where everyone is trying hard to obtain their dream job. its become critical to possess something which makes you different from the other.

The only way by which you can cancel any chances of your rejection at a job position is by strengthening and updating your resume in terms of skills, work experiences, and achievements.

A lot of professional Salesforce certification exams are available these days which improve your skills according to the domain/field you work in. This certification promotes your career, does not consume a lot of time and displays your competencies in an effective way.

How to Become Salesforce Certified Architect?

It’s a complicated role. Salesforce Architects reside in a complex world of systems, lifecycles, processes, user stories, relationships.

Competent Salesforce Architects browse the noise of this world and resolve the confusion around business and technical needs.

To do this correctly requires both creativity and problem-solving skills for complete Salesforce solutions, including object and data model structures, integration points and data flows, formulas and workflow automation, along with other custom functionality.

Salesforce Architect Journeys:

Salesforce Architect journey consists of various certification paths that recognize specialized knowledge and skills, as well as your growing expertise using the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA):

The Salesforce Technical Architect, will be responsible for delivering complex cloud based solutions using technologies such as SFDC, Heroku and Mulesoft. They also  architect and design complex solutions using components like integration, security, custom development. They involve in technical design risks and develop mitigating approaches.
If you want to become a Salesforce CTA, you can start by following the above pyramid.

There are two paths to become CTA, Application Architect and System Architect. Certified Administrator and Certified Experience Cloud consultant are optional certification to the journey of CTA.

Final CTA exam is run by Salesforce expert through a  presentation which include solution design based on the scenario provided on the day with QA setup.

The Salesforce Certified Solution Architect:

Certified B2C Solution Architect, will be responsible for interpreting client requirements, business processes, and use cases to produce quality technical designs in the implementation, enhancement and support of Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C centric eCommerce projects. They guide and oversee development teams to ensure that both the process is followed and the solution that is delivered is consistent with Salesforce privacy and security standards.
If you want to become a Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect, you can start by following the above pyramid. If you become an Application Architect you can work as a B2B Solution Architect.

Few Tips for Preparing for a Salesforce Certified Architect:

  • It is advisable to clear Platform App Builder and Platform Developer – 1 exam before deciding on an Architect career path.
  • Join the Architect Trailblazer Community for helpful resources and study buddies.
  • Inform your company and team lead about your career plan and ask them for support.


The Salesforce  certified architect  journey is not that easy but nothing is impossible. So set a target date and give yourself a deadline and come up with a solid strategy of learning to become a salesforce certified architect.

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