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Every company must have faced this question many times and managers have responded to their board many times with different opinion. So what is all this, Hire Developer, Hire programmer, Hire Offshore Developer and Hire Dedicated Developer is all about?We have read many articles about this previously and we all have our own answers. Let me share what are the facts involved according to my understanding.

One should hire developer or hire dedicated developer or hire offshore developer when he/she thinks,
1. Cost Effective Solution
2. Need expert resource not available in house
3. Do not want to do specific work however do not want to say NO to client
4. Want to provide support to his customers in different time zones
5. Do not want to expand in house resources

Whatever your reason is, once you decide to hire developer, hire dedicated developer, hire offshore developer, hire programmer always check following points,Check developer, programmer or company profile and history.

Verify total experience of developer, programmer or company.

Check client’s references – It’s the best way to get clear picture about developer, programmer or company.

Also check social media, recommendation from social media sites can be helpful.

Ask for proof of concept project before giving actual work.

Write a detailed requirement in simple language and always explain your idea clearly, do not assume developer understand as soon as you say that.

Decide milestones and make your first milestone as go or no go option for developer or company.Check regional festival and holiday lists, this helps in deciding deal line.

Always sign a proper NDA, jurisdictional to yours and developer’s country.

Decide the way of communication and fix the timings to avoid miscommunication.
Reduce your big idea to version 1.0, 2.0 and so on.

There can be different developer, programmer or company depending on project requirement who can be best fit so keep yourself open.

Once you verify above check list, hiring developer, hiring offshore developer, hiring programmer, hiring dedicated developer will be good choice, else it will be nightmare!!!

Happy programming!!!
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