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Dreamforce 2021 was held in salesforce park adjacent to the San Francisco Salesforce Tower, with Marc Benioff, Bret Taylor and a handful of other socially-distanced executives and with online viewers.
In this keynote Marc indicated multiple challenges that the world is facing and shared Salesforce’s vision of the Trusted Enterprise.

World is Facing Multiple Challenges:

  • Pandemic Crisis: We are living in a pandemic era(Covid19 & Delta variant), and we’re all adjusting to a new normal.

  • Sustainability Crisis: The effects of climate change are everywhere. People are suffering from losses due to droughts, hurricanes, fires, extreme temperatures, and floods.

  • Workforce Crisis: We are  not in our offices anymore, working in our homes worldwide and  struggling to adapt to this new normal.

  • Inequality Crisis: The pandemic, as well as climate change, impacting the more vulnerable populations and widening inequality in pay, education, healthcare, and justice systems.

  • Trust Crisis: People have less trust than ever in most institutions largely due to pandemic and ongoing climate change.

The Trusted Enterprise is the Salesforce playbook for how business, government offices or any organization can negotiate these crises, get back to growth and improve the state of the world.

The Trusted Enterprise is Built on Five Important Pieces:

  1. Trust
  2. Customer-first
  3. Digital HQ
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Sustainability

  • Trust: Due to pandemic and climate change mistrust is growing among us, being a Trusted Enterprise means making trust your highest value. Earning the trust of your employees,  customers,  partners, and  communities is top priority.

  • Customer First-Trusted Enterprise means putting the customer first,customer wants more direct, trusted relationships. Customer 360 on Hyperforce allows  building direct, trusted relations with customers with a single source of truth across sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

  • Digital HQ-In a world where everyone is working from home, a digital HQ is a crucial building block to build a trusted enterprise.  Digital headquarters are now more important than  physical headquarters. That’s why Slack is now part of Salesforce, and Slack is being built into every Salesforce product.

  • Health and Safety-Employees, customers and communities are trusting companies to help them to keep  healthy and safe, both physically and mentally. That’s reason Trusted enterprise has to put health and safety top priority. Digital health passes, contact tracing, wellness assessments, and vaccine management are all integral part of the new Health Cloud 2.0.

  • Sustainability-Trusted Enterprise means protecting the planet. Trusted Enterprises are viable  enterprises.  Every company has to pay attention to its carbon footprint and support renewable energy. Salesforce is a Net Zero organisation  and runs on 100% renewable energy.  Due to this, Salesforce has built  Sustainability Cloud 2.0, which is designed to help customers to track and reduce their emissions and take action through a full view of their environmental footprint.

This is how Salesforce is pursuing the vision of a Trusted Enterprise. At Dreamforce, Salesforce is  welcoming companies to join this journey.

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