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One of the  problem, Today’s customer service agent facing is that they are not able to quickly identify  whether the customer on the phone is really entitled to get customer support. Service agent spends a lot of time in inquiring many different systems to find the answer, and thats  leads to increase in call time and cost of price per call.

To solve this problem, Salesforce has introduced a Service Cloud feature called Entitlement Management to improve customer experience and reduce cost.

Entitlements can specify the type and level of support your customers are entitled to receive.

Once Entitlements Configured in Salesforce its give you two important things:

  1. It enable customer service agent to identify what kind of support customer is entitled to.
  2. And Its helps to you to monitor SLA and ensure customer service agents are delivering support in a timely manner.

How to establish customer is entitled to some specific support:

  1. First, a customer calls a support agent.
  2. Now, a support agent looks for the caller’s information such as Account, Contact, Asset, or Service contract.
  4. then, the agent confirms that one of the above has an active entitlement on their Entitlements related list section.
  5. If the customer is eligible for some specific support, then the agent creates a case from the entitlement and follows SLA guideline.
There are different ways you can model Entitlements.

1. Entitlements only:

Support agents confirm that contacts or accounts are entitled for customer support before they create cases.

2. Service Contracts with Entitlement:

Support agents confirm that a contact is entitled for support based on a service contract such as warranties, subscriptions, and maintenance agreements.
Entitlements are purchased and managed separately from the product they cover and are part of the service contract.

3. Service Contracts with Contract Line Items and Entitlement:

Support agents confirm that a contact is entitled for support based on line items in a service contract.
Here, warranties, subscriptions, and other support products appear as line items on your sales order and map to one or more entitlements. Entitlements are created and updated via an integration with order management system.


Milestones are required steps in the support process, and they are the metrics that represent service levels to provide to each of your customers. Examples of milestones include First Response and Resolution Times on cases.

Entitlement Processes:

Entitlement processes are timelines that include all of the steps or milestones that your support team must complete to resolve cases. Each process includes a set of rules to enforce the correct service level for your customers.
To learn more about Entitlement Management please follow the Trailhead module.

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