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Hello, Recently we had requirement from our existing client to display autosuggest option in vTiger global search with the facility to manage specific to the module.

Global Search management from Settings
  • Skilled Team at Variance InfoTech created one screen in admin to setting the global search
  • Global search has been manage based on sort order, fields needs to display on search result and no. of rows needs to display per module under global search.
  • There is also active / inactive facility against the module where you can hide the display of autosuggest specific to modules.

Global search management from settings screen.


Global Search Display at User area
  • In vTiger global search area we added code to display auto suggest search based on the global search settings from the administration.
  • Auto suggests display only that module which is active from the settings.
  • Search list display based on sort order, field value and number of rows set for the each module.

Auto suggest search screen.


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