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What is Node.JS?

“ Node.js mostly is used when we are dealing with Real-time data and Game development. “

  • Node.js is the best choice if you’re planning to build a web application. Because, first the language is JavaScript and second it rules both back-end and front-end (even query language for databases is also JavaScript e.g. MongoDB).
  • Also, Node.js is based on single threaded, non-blocking I/O and due to this, it is highly efficient for building real-time applications like chat apps.
  • Node.js and Express with Axios is the easiest way to create an API backend.
“Node.js = Runtime Environment + JavaScript Library”
When to use Node JS as a Backend:

  • Ideally in all web applications except those which involves heavy computation with high CPU processing.
  • Alternatively, you can use Node.js for building API services, or building real time chat systems, and so on.
How is Node.js different from web JavaScript:

  • JavaScript programs on a web page perform tasks like displaying output based on calculation or add interactive behavior.
  • Node.js is a platform or a software that runs JavaScript on the server-side or back-end side. It uses JavaScript as language but runs on a different side than the front-end.
Limitations of using Node.js:

  • Node.js is an event-driven and single threaded platform. So if an application requires heavy computing, Node.js is not an ideal choice to handle CPU-intensive processes.
  • Node.js is too low-level in terms of functionalities it provides via standard modules. This increases dependency on frequent third-party packages usage.
  • Packages for many popular problems are solid and stable, but still you have to manage a huge amount of dependencies for the project.
At Variance we offer NodeJS quick development support to migrate their Legacy Apps to Low code Node Js applications and to startups to build a quick functional prototype or a low cost MVP.

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