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1. Sales Forecast:

  • Forecast module in VTiger helps your predict and plan sales cycle from pipeline to closure sales stage.
  • Only administrator or user with admin rights can access forecast settings and configure details.
  • The administrator or user with admin rights can set the hierarchy of your organization.


2. Social Module – Twitter Integration:

  • User will be able to view engagement history on posts dashboard he can also track the increase in the number of post from previous week and current week.
  • The user can also create a new search stream, the user will be able to add a lead from a post on Twitter, all the activity and Tweets of the contact can be found under the Twitter activity widget in the lead detail view.


3. vTiger on demand Extension Store:

  • Extension store helps you to browse free and paid extensions published on the market place using your CRM admin console.
  • User can see as well as rate and add reviews to any extension.


4. Upgrade Google calendar Sync:

  • Import calendar of your choice from Google into vTiger.
  • User can see as well as rate and add reviews to any extension.
  • Google calendar sync updates all the events to contact records.


5. Import and export price book:

  • You can now import and export price books records to .CSV file.


6. Specify Reply to email ID in workflow email:

  • Whenever the customer reply back to the email it will be sent back to the users email ID mentioned in “Reply To” field in the workflow.workflow-email

7. Calculate the Product Bundle Price Value:

  • The user will now be able to calculate the value of the total bundle for different items added by him.
  • This bundle cost will depend on the user currency selected by the user.


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