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Hello All,

Just to update you with the new feature of vTiger 6.0 which will release expected this year.

vTiger 6.0 Feature

Server Side – MVC Architecture

  • UI / Data Logic separation

Client-side Framework

  • jQuery & Bootstrap

Advantage for Users

  • Simpler Layout
  • Easier Comments
  • Global History
  • Flat UI to appeal to users (current trend)
  • Summary View for common records (Leads,
  • Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, ..)
  • Faster Search (on labels)
  • Module level dashboards

Advantage for Developers

  • Easy to add new modules.
  • Define custom landing pages without core file changes
  • Control related views of your module without modifying other modules.
  • Easy to build new layouts.

Porting Vtiger 5 Extensions to Vtiger 6

Entity Module

  • Module manager compatible features would continue to work on Vtiger 6 without changes.
  • Custom UI changes need to refactored to match the conventions of Vtiger 6.

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