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This blog will give you the brief idea about the Upgrade/Migration from old version of vTiger 5.4 to the latest version of vTiger 6.0. Now it’s easy and simple to convert. However in order to migrate from old version to new version user need to have some knowledge of vTiger CRM Administration and the server environment.

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to Migrate Old vTiger to Latest version of vTiger:
Screen Shot 1:
• The first and very important step is – data backups. You need to first take the backup of your existing vTiger CRM database and file structure. The way Migration/Upgrade works in such a way that it can overwrite the existing file and also update the database. So the backups are the most important and crucial part. There is no way to revert back from new version to old version.
• Second step is downloading the vTiger CRM 6.0 Upgrade/Migration. You need to click on the below mention link to download vTiger CRM 6.0

Screen Shot 2:
• Third step is you need to place downloaded file in your vTiger CRM directory and extract it.
• Once you have extracted, open up the new browser window and go to the link need to replace your with your vTiger crm host/directory).
• As you have already taken the backups of all files and directory of old version of vTiger, so just go ahead and check “I have taken the backup of the database” as well as “I have taken the backup of source code“.
• Now enter your existing vTiger CRM admin password
• Just click on “Start Migration”

Screen Shot 3:
• Now, it should then open a “Migration Wizard” which will replace all the files and it will run all the necessary queries in order to update the database. Let’s assume that everything is going well, and you will need to click on “Next”.
• The final page of the migration will open up confirming Successful Migration, then you need to click on “Finish” and you will be redirected to your new and latest version of vTiger CRM6.
On basis of the below mention print screens we can easily comapre the Old version of vTiger with the Latest version of vTiger

First screen shot mention below is for the List view of the vTiger.
Second screen shot mention below is for the User Setting view of the vTiger.

Third screen shot mention below is for the Profile view of the vTiger.

Feel free to contact us on for any assistance in order to migrate/update the old version (5.4) of vTiger into the latest version of vTiger (6.0)

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