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Dreamforce, SalesForce’s flagship conference, has always been a much-anticipated event for professionals in the ecosystem. This year, Dreamforce 2023 made a triumphant return, and the first day was filled with exciting announcements, inspiring sessions, and a glimpse into the future of CRM. Here are some key takeaways from Day 1 of Dreamforce 2023.

A Hybrid Approach:

Dreamforce has evolved to cater to both virtual and in-person audiences. While the global pandemic prompted the introduction of Salesforce, a streaming service offering virtual access, this year’s event embraced a hybrid approach. It combined live-streamed and on-demand sessions with in-person experiences to reach an even wider audience. This flexibility allowed participants to choose how they engage with Dreamforce.

The Heart of Dreamforce:

At its core, Dreamforce is all about bringing the Salesforce community together to share knowledge, get inspired, give back, and have fun. With over 180,000 attendees in previous years, it’s a spectacular gathering of Trailblazers from diverse backgrounds and industries, making it a unique experience.

Diverse Agenda:

Dreamforce 2023 boasted an extensive agenda with over 1,100 sessions spread across the three-day event. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, from product keynotes to smaller, more intimate sessions. The main keynote, in particular, was a highlight where the latest Salesforce announcements were unveiled.

Dreamfest – Party Time:

No Dreamforce is complete without Dreamfest, the ultimate party experience. Attendees had the chance to let loose and enjoy the festivities, including a performance by the legendary Foo Fighters. It’s a time for networking, unwinding, and celebrating.

Einstein 1 and Copilot:

One of the most significant announcements at Dreamforce 2023 was the introduction of Einstein 1 and Copilot. Einstein 1 represents a relaunch of the Salesforce platform, focusing on creating a trusted AI platform for users. At the heart of Einstein 1 is Copilot, a built-in conversational AI assistant that operates within the user interface.

Einstein Copilot for Users:

Einstein Copilot offers users the ability to interact with AI in natural language, making it easier and more intuitive to harness the power of AI. It provides recommendations in the form of multi-step action plans, empowering users to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Einstein Copilot for Admins:

Behind the scenes, Salesforce administrators have the power to configure and control Copilot’s behaviour. Copilot Studio allows admins to define how generative AI should be used, ensuring that it aligns with organisational goals and data privacy requirements. Admins can create prompt templates and shape the AI’s behaviour.

Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder:

Within Copilot Studio, there are three key components: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder.

Prompt Builder: Admins can create prompt templates and provide context for AI-generated responses. This feature empowers admins to build, test, and deploy AI prompts effectively.

Skills Builder: Admins have the ability to determine which users should have access to generative AI capabilities based on defined use cases. This ensures that AI is used where it adds the most value.

Model Builder: Users can choose AI models, including Salesforce’s proprietary models and preferred partner models. Additionally, Salesforce has partnered with AWS to allow users to bring their own data models to the platform, all while ensuring data privacy and security through the Einstein Trust Layer.

The Future of AI and Data:

Salesforce’s vision for the future is centred around AI and data. The combination of AI and the Data Cloud represents a groundbreaking moment, allowing organisations to harness the power of data and AI to transform their businesses. This powerful synergy is poised to revolutionise CRM and customer experiences.

Dreamforce 2023 promises to be an event filled with insights, innovation, and inspiration. With a diverse range of sessions and the introduction of Einstein 1 and Copilot, it’s clear that Salesforce is committed to shaping the future of CRM and AI. As the largest AI event globally, Dreamforce continues to be a must-attend event for Trailblazers from all walks of life.


Dreamforce 2023 returned as a hybrid event, combining virtual and in-person experiences. It celebrated community, offered diverse sessions, and introduced Einstein 1 and Copilot. Copilot is a conversational AI assistant with user and admin features. Salesforce’s vision focuses on AI and data synergy, shaping the future of CRM and customer experiences. Dreamforce continues to be a key event for Trailblazers.

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