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CRM software have spread all over the world specifically for Sales company. What exactly once used to be a standalone platform for combining information is growing in features, integrating and sizing to something very important in a relatively short time-span. Business big and smaller have followed all this a similar. So much so this in today’s day and age, you can not function for the best without a CRM. Here we look at Five reasons why you need SuiteCRM, an open source free platform.



Ordinarily you have to pay thousands of dollars for a fully customized application. You need to hire a team of developers to create an application from scratch and you will have to tackle with painful problems if you want changes applied to your application.But SuiteCRM provides a simple and user-friendly environment to create your own modules, your own workflow, your own templates and finally your own application.



SuiteCRM is a free license and open source application. You can change SuiteCRM’s code depending on your needs without worrying about license and legal issues. I can tell you that SuiteCRM is your own application all the way.



A long-term history of SuiteCRM is the proof of its stability. Many of company’s CEO and IT personnel worry about the error and bugs of new application. You can be sure SuiteCRM can work for several years without needing any maintenance and debugging.



SuiteCRM provides the perfect a lot more for less philosophy by being the only free CRM platform in the market. It comes with regular functions i.e. accounts, quotes, opportunities etc which makes it the most perfect fit for the day-to-day activities. For industry vertical particular features, you may have customization and extensions of your choice added by many SuiteCRM developers.


SuiteCRM comes with a easy and simple user interface making migration much more effective and easy. SuiteCRM displays high user adoption rates because of this very reason. You would find no problem moving your data to a CRM.



Standard CRM features seldom handles almost all facets of your company requirements so all CRM platforms come with customization options. However with SuiteCRM, the sky’s the limit. The open source CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT platform includes a variety of integration at its disposal. You can actually combine that with payment gateways and email software to get the most out of your SuiteCRM.



Manage substantial levels of data in a jiffy with SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM allows you to combine data from any number of sources and provides you incredible features to obtain the analytics you will need. SuiteCRM comes along with built-in simple reports and the customization options allows you to build the reports which fit your needs.



SuiteCRM comes with an inbuilt marketing feature that can assist you in your marketing efforts. It comes with its own email module and calculates ROI on its own. The built-in marketing feature lets you run marketing campaigns from within SuiteCRM, consolidating your workflow in one place. You can also customize it to capture information from forms directly into SuiteCRM.


9. Custom Workflows :

The way in which you find your clients and sell to them is your unique approach that differentiates you from your competitors, so why use a one-size-fits-all workflow? Having a customized workflow within SugarCRM/SuiteCRM streamlines the work that you and your team need to get done, allowing you to gain a real advantage and save your company time and money in the long term.


10. Stronger Analytics:

You are the one who chooses the metrics that are most important to your business to measure success. Custom reports and dashboards foster accurate forecasting and efficient decision-making, and automated reporting allows you to cut your administrative work in half. Measuring your business in ways that motivate you most is the best way to make management decisions that will help you drive revenue and outperform your competition.

11. Easier to Use :

With SugarCRM/SuiteCRM, you get a simple user interface and intuitive navigation. However, the system may not reflect the way you organize your products and services or the way you segment your clients. Custom modules and fields help you seamlessly organize your CRM system in the same way you organize your work. When your CRM system corresponds with the way you run your business, using it is easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

12. Affordable Prices :

Thousands of teams choose SugarCRM and SuiteCRM solutions because they represent value for money: they provide powerful and flexible CRM capabilities at a relatively low price compared to the complex solutions of larger CRM vendors, such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. In fact, it is usually cheaper and easier to customize SugarCRM/SuiteCRM software than to deploy a default version of a more expensive CRM system. Your CRM system can only be successful if it suits your business needs—don’t put off extending and customizing it. Auriga offers a wide range of SugarCRM/SuiteCRM customization services, including custom plugin development, customized reporting, and CRM system extension with custom modules and fields. Our skilled programmers align your CRM system to the size, processes, and operations of your business, enabling workflow automation and maximizing ROI and customer satisfaction.

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