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Here we are trying to share some knowledge regarding Top 10 Popular Applications on Salesforce AppExchange.
Basically there are lots of Popular applications provided by Salesforce but this is the list of Top 10 apps which is used every now by the people.

At first we have none different than Salesforce steaming about with every other Labs product! The Salesforce Adoption Dashboards pack offers you a mixture of reports and a Dashboard which can grant key metrics about your user adoption. This is an App that Salesforce do recommend to all new users, and for proper reason. It lets in you to see developments and what is and isn’t working inner your Organisation. This is of course very necessary for the sponsors inside the Organisation, and of path for Salesforce as well. There’s no cause now not to install this pack. is a paid add-on for Salesforce that lets in you to smooth your Lead, Account & Contact records with professionally sourced data. This free Salesforce Labs App gives you a style of how your Organisation should gain from It scans via all your documents and gives you a precis of their “Health” with the aid of comparing it to the information Salesforce have on file. Depending on how assured you are about your data, this ought to be an enlightening experience.

3. Ebsta:

Quickly hiking the AppExchange rating as one of the fresher email Apps, Ebsta is specially designed for Gmail & Salesforce. With a complete host of unique feature, it’s clear to see how Ebsta has climbed so high. One characteristic in precise I’ve used first hand is “Team Sync”, this approves you to view emails that you AND your crew have sent to an account or contact with a shared view within Salesforce.
An App that is very close to my heart as I spent 2 very fun years working for them, Conga! There is probable no need for an introduction sincerely however right here it goes anyway. Conga is a report generation App that lets in you to create documents, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDF’s & emails the usage of your Salesforce data.. Some of the most frequent use cases for this can be Invoices, Contracts, Quotes & Presentation Decks. has come to my rescue many a time, and is possibly one of the Apps I use the most on this list. It gives you the capacity to create, update, upsert and delete documents in Salesforce with an extraordinarily handy to use interface. Before one of the only Dataloaders available was once the Salesforce Data Loader. Although it does the job, most of us can agree it’s fairly archaic. is absolutely free however does have some top class elements a lot of admins will locate useful.

Mailchimp is by way of some distance the most famous e mail advertising and marketing platform, so it’s rather becoming that their corresponding AppExchange App has a spot in the most popular. This free easy App gives you the capability to create electronic mail campaigns, manipulate your lists and subscribers all from inside Salesforce. One of the first-class aspects of this App is to add a Visualforce thing to your Lead & Contact records, giving you the capacity to see their interaction with your marketing emails.
Cirrus Insight gives you the capability to have interaction with Salesforce in your inbox. With the capacity to work with many of the top electronic mail providers, you can sync emails, calendar and view Salesforce facts all within your inbox. This is usually a best suit for an internal sales department where a massive chunk of the day will be spent internal of the inbox. It’s additionally a best suit for Administrators and managers that desire to make sure everything their customers are doing are getting logged in Salesforce.
Docusign has turn out to be a tool that most companies ought to not characteristic without. Docusign gives you the capacity for you and your customers to sign contracts, buy orders and any other criminal document, digitally. As Docusign is now not solely based on Salesforce, this App offers you an handy way to ship out these files through your archives on Salesforce. Definitely been proved as a whole recreation changer.
LinkPoint360 has proved itself as one of the leaders within the Outlook to Salesforce integration space. It offers your users and convenient to use side panel inside Microsoft Outlook which lets in you to view Salesforce data, create new documents except leaving Outlook and the ability to sync contacts, calendars and tasks.
First up we have a Salesforce Labs App. If you don’t comprehend what these are, they are without a doubt free Apps that Salesforce create to make our lives easier. The Mass Update & Edit App offers you and your users the capacity to mass update listing views, or even related lists with a couple of clicks. You can clearly pick out as many documents as you wish, comply with the simple wizard and replace a couple of fields for a couple of records. Easy!


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