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Nowadays with the new DIGITAL Era the ONLINE presence is Identity for your business, whether its Start-up or well Established business, So ONLINE presence is foremost for your business and it helps to grow in this keen market. As there are ample of IT software development companies all around the globe and to select the Finest company for your requirement is a bit difficult task. In order to find the Best FIT company for you, I have shared some basic but very important check points which help you for sure:

Following are the KEY points/ Checklist Keep in mind while search for the Development Company:
Check The Company’s Portfolio:

The Company’s Profile is like a mirror image of the company. It covers all the information and recent projects they have done so far, and their expertise in which technology. From that also one can get some specific details about the company and help you to choose a potential company for your dream work. It is always better to get to know the company through their experiences before jumping right on board with them. Also there are ONLINE platforms to check the Company’s review: like, GoodFirms, Clutch, Indeed, Google etc.
Get Referrals from Your Network:

As in this Digital Era, we can connect with a lot many people via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. From LinkedIn connection you can get more confirmation about the company you are going to select for your business.
Get Reviews and Rating from True Blue Site:

In order to find the right company for your dream project rating and review also matter the most.From rating and review you can understand with How many clients and with which countries the company has worked so far, and one can get more idea about the company and help to select the right one for you.
Emphasize upon Good Communication Skills:

To have a GOOD Communication Skill is the Key Factor of Any Business you want to Run & Good Communication is ENGLISH is kind of Mandatory. Communication and quality of service are more important than price for customers today. If a company provides good communication skills, then it is more likely that the development process is going to be more successful.
Do not select a team of techie who just sit in a dark room and just do coding, and isolated from the rest of the world. Must assure that the selected software developers MUST be very good in ENGLISH communication along with technical sound.
Core perk of Good Communication is, you will not have to put much more effort into the regular updates, and can ask questions and have a good discussion to assure that the application gets developed in a way that it optimally meets your business goals.
Discuss about Coding:

The quality of coding will directly influence the quality of the application built. Discuss with the custom software developers regarding the level to be maintained while coding. Point your guidelines like:
  • It should be easily readable.
  • Must be Lean coding.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Comments.
  • It should be Single Responsibility Principle (SRP).
  • No buggy/resource-hungry codes etc.
Latest Tools, Devices, Security & Safety Check:

Use of Latest Tools and Software System in order to track the project is one of the major factors for the successful delivery of project. One can easily track the things, work and working hours etc. and all details about the progress of the project with the help of these tools.
Security is very crucial and one of the biggest concern while your project is still in development and after it’s already deployed. It is always important to secure restrictive or confidential information for software development to avoid any violations and meet protection concerns.
Don’t Opts as it’s Cheap & Yes Is Not Always Good:

We always opt for the Cheapest Solution but in the end we Pay more and ruin our valuable time. So better Pay a bit higher rather compromise with the Quality of the project.
It’s better to Say NO rather than say Yes all the time, as it may lead to a dead end. Many companies have practice to say Yes all time to client which is not good for both of them. As in development it’s mandatory to share with client What is Possible and what Not, which saves time and money for both.
Check and Clarify Application Ownership:

One more major thing is clarity for your protection as well, make sure that you check and clarify the application ownership with the software development vendor, in order to avoid any other organization to use the software your custom built. There have already been occurrences that other companies have used applications just because the ownership status was not clear and exclusive.
MUST clarify About After Support & Maintenance:

After successfully completion of the project also required support and maintenance, as technology keeps updating and according to that one should also keep updating the developed software for the Best User Experience. Constant maintenance is necessary to run bug-free and have to be able to operate at peak performance capacity during spikes in traffic. So Make sure you ask before the development work starts.
Clear with Your Requirement:

As Software Development is not that much easy task; it takes our valuable time and money so make sure you are Clear Enough “What You Want”? Which ultimately helps you and the selected company who works with you. So better take some more time but it will be 100% clear what you are looking for.
Pay Attention on User Experience & Understand Business Need:

You need to select a custom software development company that has the expertise and resources to provide extraordinary user experience. Do not opt for a one-off utility to solve a short-term problem as it will not serve any purpose. It’s prudent that you invest more to get a highly varnished user-friendly application system which captivates more buyers and serves them the best. This will truly be a success for your business.
Which Business Model and Process Company Follow:

In order to select the best company for your project, never forget about the business model the selected company is using.
Like How will start work on a project, the steps they follow to deliver the project on time. Following points must be keep in mind like:
  • How they start and follow the process.
  • Wire Frame & Proposal Documents matter the most.
  • Regular meeting for project update.
  • Use of Agile Work Best to keep a track on development.
  • Before deployment there must be a QA check for the same.
  • Quick Response & Suggestion.
Technology Stack:

You want to have a focused software development partner. They MUST be experts in the technology in which they work. To build a CRM for your Business than Find a company who is expert and work with various domain for the same and it will actually help you. If you want to have a backend in Node.js, find a company working solely in Node.js on the backend.
This is one more important aspect to select a company as per your requirement which helps to boost your business.
Compare Offers:

While searching the Perfect company for your dream work, we might find different rates with different experience. It might be possible one can be attracted by the Lower Rates, and there are bright chances to receive cheap quality of work for sure. There is a very less chance to find gem at lower prices.
Always compare prices in such a way that you should have a rough idea about the budget for the project. Let me share some of the rate idea, like.
  • Hourly base as per project requirement.
  • Dedicated Hiring; (Start from 3 Month to 1 Year, depend on requirement)
  • Fix cost;
The rate of Developer usually depends on the number of years of experience and technical expertise. Like experience between 1 year to 3 years; rate will be between USD 12 per Hour to USD 15 per Hour.
Commitment of ON TIME Delivery:

From the start of the project one should keep an eye on progress and timeline of the project. As most of the time, project never meet the deadline we have set, which hamper the post activity of the project. So select the company who has best client feedback regarding project delivery on Time.
Have Longevity:

As World changes every second! So we must select the company with which we associate for a long time and provide the best solution. As the project also demands the latest technology, updates and support as it will be the heart of our business. So you should select the Company in such a way that it will be available for you and provide the best solution any time. Having knowledge is good, but the experience is what matters the MOST these days.
Evaluate The Team who work on your requirement:

It’s always good to check how many team members will be associated with your project and how good and expert they are in their subject. The technical aspects you can check by Conducting Interview before hiring, also give some small tasks in order to check their coding and code quality. It will help you to finalize the team to work on your dream project.

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