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CRM software keeps track of your contacts’ personal and business information. According to your contact history, the deals you’re building and negotiating, and each one’s classification, you can do so.

The more basic free CRM apps help you organize your contacts, have a sales pipeline to track the deal process , and provide simple reports and dashboards to show what you and your team are performing. More advanced platforms include additional functionality in project management, marketing, help desk, content management, and SEO; they also provide automation and integration opportunities to save time, streamline processes, and allow you to create reports and access game-changing analytics.

With that in mind, here’s what I looked for while testing each free CRM app:

  • Simple to use. Your CRM Software should be as simple to use as your email client. It should also make repetitive tasks easier to complete, such as adding new contact information or tracking deals.
  • Contact and sales management.I was looking for how many fields there were for contacts and whether you could create filtered lists for segmentation; for sales, I was looking for at least one visual sales pipeline that you could customise for your specific sales process.
  • Reporting and analytics. I paid close attention to how the dashboards functioned: how informative they are, how many reports you can run (and whether you can create your own), and any analytics that provide insight into how to improve your processes.
  • Integration with other apps. The more integrations there are and how smooth they are, the better. Because your CRM is your information hub, it must be able to send and receive data from your other business-critical apps.
  • Unique features. I tested anything that wasn’t strictly related to CRM functionality but could be useful, such as traffic analytics, project management, or internal team collaboration features.

Here is the best CRM: The SuiteCRM with a solid free plan:

The most popular open source CRM software in the world is called SuiteCRM. Without the limitations imposed by proprietary goliaths like Salesforce and Microsoft, it enables you to take advantage of all the advantages of an enterprise-class CRM.

SuiteCRM: OnDemand was developed to fundamentally alter the cost and delivery of hosted CRM, just as Open Source Software (OSS) significantly altered the computer industry. Our SuiteCRM:OnDemand service has been created with freedom and flexibility at its core to enable businesses to extend CRM deeply into their business processes (not to mention at a far lower cost!).

We thought we would delve a little further to help you learn a little more. Here are the top 10 reasons to start utilising SuiteCRM, without further ado: Today’s OnDemand


And there you have it! Our top pick for the best free CRM software for your business is available in the year 2023.
It is important to keep in mind that you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan for your CRM software to ensure you get all the features that you need for your team and your organization.

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