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VIPL(Variance InfoTech PVT LTD) Team build HRMS modules in SuiteCRM to manage all HR Activities, Candidate Hiring, Interview process,Performance Appraisal,Entry/Exit Formality,Leave management etc.

HRMS Modules Development in SuiteCRM

With HRMS modules SuiteCRM user can manage everything related to HR/Leave/
  • Candidate Hiring Process
  • Background check to Employee management
  • Leave,Appraisal,Policy and others HR activities
  • Entry and Exit Formalities
  • Salary management

Candidate Hiring Process

HRMS Modules in SuiteCRM covers Candidate Hiring Process starting from Opening Requisition to Interview process.

Background check to Employee management

HRMS Modules in SuiteCRM covers Conversion of Candidate to employee with all documents & details associated with employee.
Following is the key feature of this module:
  • Background Verification
  • Conversion of Candidate to employee including auto creation of users
  • Employee profile management & Family details management
  • Documents associated with employee

Leave, Appraisal, Policy and others HR activities

HRMS Modules in SuiteCRM covers management of all activities related to employee which includes leave, appraisals,Holidays and other HR activities.

Following is the key feature of this module.

Appraisal flow :
This covers management of employee appraisal which highlights appraisal due, completed appraisal.

Leave management :
This covers leave approval flow of candidate from leave creation to approve leave.

Other features :
This modules covers other features like Holidays, Trips, Policy management, Exit formality, Salary management etc..

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