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Automation is the most important part of SFMC. Automation works as a journey builder. Most of the features are the same as Journey builder. It allows customers to import data from external devices such as FTP. Moreover it offers send email activity, schedule time zone and so on.

Using automation, customers can filter out data into other sources. It provides different reports based on several scenarios. Furthermore, clients can focus on a particular part and activity thus,  we can attract customers and improve sales ratio.

Automation can track customer movements and their stability. Using this tool we can measure the customer’s open and send ratio.

Key features of automation part:

  1. Extract data from other sources as well as import data into SFMC from the outer system. In addition, you can send email, sms and many amenities which are provided by it.
  2. Well, many features are essential but apart from that, customers can easily track their daily or based activity.Also, that activity will be reused in the future.

Automation Studio Guide:

Overview Tab: This tab shows you basic activity and all actual progress. Apart from this if any error occurs it will also see.

Activities Tab: In this tab you can see your many activities such as import, sql, export, filter and script. Above this you can also create it easily.

Starting Sources:

Schedule: This source provides a schedule of your process based on a particular time. Also, you can do it with drag and drop. Then this automation will continue all processes on their set basis.

File drop: This functionality offers automatic file drop and import into SFMC. Once other systems keep a file then this automation starts work.


There are ample activities available. It performs specific tasks like transferring data, sending email and sms, filtering customer’s data, exporting some data and so on.

Data Extract: This type is used as per its name. It will extract data from other systems and store it into a data extension. You can get customer’s details from other sources with removal of duplicates.

Import File: This is one of the important tasks in the automation process. In addition, this activity will be performed to import data into data extension. Customer’s personal information can be imported from other sources.

SQL: It contains data availability and it will take max 30 minutes to execute it, not more than. If it takes more than that then it will show an error. SQL provides data manipulation.

Apart from this, many more actions are available which all have their own work.

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