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Salesforce Lightning Object Creator is the latest low-code app development tool that turns spreadsheets into apps with just a few clicks. it is a point and click tool that boosts productivity by allowing any admins to quickly turn spreadsheets — such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and comma-separated value (.csv) files — into modern, cloud-based apps with clicks.

The feature has been enabled for all production instances since August 2019. Salesforce Lightning Object Creator is available in Lightning Experience and in Contact, Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.
Lightning Object Creator opens up a broad set of use cases for offline processes currently built on spreadsheets that can be transformed into modern cloud applications. For example:A car dealership can take the spreadsheets that are created from paper-based test drive forms (which capture prospect information, car makes, models, and preferences) and turn it into a new digital process that’s connected to CRM data like search, notes, files, and follow-up activities.
You can access the Creator page by clicking on Setup->Object Manager-> Create ->Then Select Custom Object From Spreadsheet.
Step 1:

Once you are done with the Initial page, you will be directed to a page asking you for the spreadsheet source. Select/upload the field from your system, Google Drive or Microsoft account.


Step 2:

The next step would be to define the object attributes. You will be directed to a screen, very similar to the Data loader field mapping screen. Salesforce by default fetches attribute details from the spreadsheet but you can define the name and data type of the attributes applicable to your Object.


Step 3:

The last step would be to define basic object properties to drive object behavior in Salesforce. The properties you can set at this stage include searchability properties like the label, API name, object description as well as setting up the reporting and searchability of the object.



Step 4:

click “Finish” and you are all set with your new object. You can further update Object properties within “Object Manager”.


Some Important Point
  • By default your excel file tab name will become Object name, we can change the Object name after uploading the file into Salesforce
  • We can not create formula field, relationship fields and Rollup summary field.
By creating custom objects, you now have unlocked the ability to plug data into a wide range of builder tools from process automation to mobile app development, including: Lightning Flow, Lighting App Builder, Lightning Schema Builder, Lightning Components from AppExchange.
Overall, the Lightning Object Creator is a really cool tool brought into Salesforce. it’s fresh, free, and makes admins’ lives much simpler.
Get started today by uploading a spreadsheet — and turning it into a custom object with data already filled in!

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