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Salesforce has a plethora of amazing features and perks that will help your organization soar. The primary Salesforce features and benefits were described by Variance.

Salesforce features are among the greatest CRM features available in the global corporate market.

The database includes advanced Sales, Cloud, and Marketing technologies, as well as Analytics and Marketing services.

It is not only simple to set up and administer, but there are user-friendly KPIs that demonstrate the potential of Salesforce CRM, according to Salesforce Customer Success.

  • On average, companies that move to Salesforce will see a 25% increase in sales.
  • The average improvement in marketing ROI for Salesforce customers is 25%.
  • Customer satisfaction rises by 35% for businesses that use Salesforce.
  • Customer support agents see a 34% improvement in productivity when they use Salesforce.

How much do Salesforce products and implementation services cost? The solution is obvious.

If you’re thinking about using Salesforce to transform or improve your sales, marketing, or customer service efforts, the total cost of the solution will be one of the elements influencing your decision.

There are two types of costs involved if you’re thinking to have Salesforce implementation for your company:
Salesforce setup prices range from $5,000 to well over $50,000, depending on whether you want an out-of-the-box solution or a highly customized solution. To generate an accurate estimate, you’ll need to look into Salesforce pricing and figure out how much you’ll spend on purchasing, implementing, customizing, and supporting your system. Our Salesforce implementation experts are available to assist you with this process and provide an estimate of the overall Salesforce cost, including products and implementation services.

Salesforce Product Cost(charges offered by Salesforce):

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our planet, having a CRM for business has become an absolute need. Salesforce is used by both Fortune 500 enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.
However, many businesses are still not adopting Salesforce or are unsure whether to employ a Salesforce consulting firm.

Salesforce offers a diverse range of goods and solutions. Every product has its own pricing module, and most firms fall short in this area because they are unable to comprehend the sophisticated Salesforce pricing module.

Salesforce pricing and billing are determined by several factors:
  1. You will be charged monthly, but your account will be billed annually.
  2. Billing is depending on the number of employees who use Salesforce.
  3. The cost of Salesforce implementation differs from the cost of customizations.
  4. There is a limited functionality trial period, but there are no free options.

Salesforce pricing chart as of June 2022:

Salesforce Implementation cost from partners:

To give you an idea, a basic Salesforce implementation will cost you between $5,000 and $50,000.
Salesforce Partners will examine Salesforce product costs to receive an exact answer on Salesforce implementation pricing. It will assist you in comprehending and calculating the cost of Salesforce implementation services.

The Cost of Salesforce Implementation is affected by Several Factors:

1. Level of Implementation:

The first thing you should do before hiring Salesforce implementation partners is to finalize the level of implementation. Salesforce CRM deployment at the most basic level necessitates the least amount of time and money. The difficult implementation procedure, on the other hand, may result in increased cost and time.

Determine your requirements and proceed appropriately.

2. Identify Costs That Recur:

Salesforce CRM is more than a technology. It is a platform that is intended to save money and time. You can get a better return on CRM investment with the help of CRM and the supervision of a skilled Salesforce implementation consultant.

Identify all of the recurrent charges that you may have to deal with on a regular basis while utilizing Salesforce. Consider these regular expenses as investments rather than expenses.

Some of the significant expenses include continuous maintenance, licenses, technical support, improvements, programmatic fees, and so on.

3. Salesforce Consulting Services Cost:

Working with Salesforce is an expensive endeavor, thus it is critical to understand that whatever you want for your project is either built, acquired, or integrated.

Salesforce consulting costs vary depending on who you engage.

However, choosing a Salesforce partner can be accomplished by hiring a freelance Salesforce consultant or a dedicated Salesforce installation partner.

Salesforce consultants that work on a freelance basis can bill you on an hourly basis. Their fee is determined by their location, expertise, knowledge, and experience, among other factors.

Nonetheless, we recommend that you engage a Salesforce implementation partner organization with extensive experience. The cost may be higher, but the results will be better and there will be fewer issues.

4. Cost of Salesforce Migration:

The process of migration is another factor that influences Salesforce installation. It typically occurs when a company is already utilizing another CRM platform and wants to transition to Salesforce.

Salesforce migration services are expensive because they comprise numerous procedures such as data correctness checks, error cleansing, redundancy elimination, and data mapping, to name a few. And there may come a time when, in addition to Salesforce migration, you’ll need to create custom tools to automate data transfer.

A skilled Salesforce consultant is required to complete this process smoothly. And, depending on your company’s needs, the average cost of Salesforce transfer is roughly $10,000.

Who can help you in your Salesforce implementation?

Salesforce Consultants are up to date on the newest platform updates, patches, and best practices. They may tailor your journey to your needs and company structure, as well as teach your organization’s key users.

There are two options available to you:
  • Hire a Freelancer consultant
  • Engage the services of a Salesforce partner to provide Salesforce implementation services.
You can hire freelancer-certified consulting partners or hire a full-time Salesforce team. To select who you will hire, you must first evaluate the scope of your project and your budget.

How much do Salesforce freelancers charge?

Freelancers set their hourly billing rate. The final cost will be determined by the duration of the project and the number of hours worked per week. If you have a longer project, they may be able to offer you a reduced hourly fee.
Average hourly rate of Salesforce freelancers WorldWide.

RegionSalesforce Administrator($ rate/hour)Salesforce Developer($ rate/hour)Salesforce Technical Architect.($ rate/hour)Salesforce Functional Consultant($ rate/hour)
North America$60-$75/hr$75-$100/hr$100-$120/hr$70-$80/hr
The Asia Pacific$50-$60/hr$60-$70/hr$80-$100/hr$65-$75/hr
South Asia$25-$30/hr$35-$45/hr$40-$50/hr$30-$40/hr
*Rates from multiple web sources

How much do Salesforce Partners charge?

A Salesforce Consulting Company might charge you between $30 and $50 per hour. They charge a higher hourly cost because it’s usually a combined rate from the team working on your project, and they’ve received Salesforce’s approval stamp. Others prefer to work with Salesforce Implementation Partners since some activities necessitate the knowledge of multiple people.

How much will it cost you to build your own Salesforce team?

It can be more expensive to build an internal team than to hire expert aid. To give you an idea of what you’ll be paying, these are the costs:
  • Recruitment can cost you around $ 2,000 to $ 4,000
  • Payroll, benefits, and bonuses will be approximate $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 / month
  • Onboarding costs
  • Training can cost you approximately $ 1,000 per employee
  • Sales tools can cost you $ 5,000
  • Opportunity costs

Salesforce Partners vs Freelancers pros and cons:

Before making a selection, consider your organization’s expertise in the Salesforce platform. Do you have well-defined goals, require continuous help or a one-time project, and control the consultant you will be hiring?

Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Partner provides you with access to a team of consultants and specialists, which is advantageous if you have a large implementation project. They are more commonly used for developing strategic suggestions and overseeing the entire implementation process.

An individual Salesforce Consultant, often known as a freelancer, operates differently than a Consulting Firm. While they may have the same skills as the latter, their position is more like that of an external member of your organization who develops a deeper understanding of your structure and operations. Consider them your go-to subject matter expert. You can use freelancer services if you only need help with 1-2 projects. The cost of hiring will be another significant difference. Freelancers will most likely charge you roughly 60% of what a Consulting Partner will.

What are the various costs involved in Salesforce implementation?

  • Initial Investments: The expense of getting Salesforce up and running. A complicated implementation can cost $4,000 to $5,000 and take up to a month to complete.

  • Recurring Cost: Licenses, technical support, current maintenance, and essential additions, as well as programming expenses, are all included in the recurring cost.

  • Costs of Consultation: The cost of consulting is decided by the consulting firm or freelance consultant you employ to help you deploy Salesforce.

  • Data-Migration Costs: The cost of migrating Salesforce data to other platforms, which is typically required when a company switches from another CRM to Salesforce. The data migration is a series of operations that may necessitate the use of additional bespoke solutions for data transfer automation.

  • Cost of Salesforce customization (point-and-click and code-based): This is the cost of your Salesforce modification. It may be more expensive than data migration.

  • User Training Cost: This is the cost of training your workers and key platform users. Self-paced learning and instructor-led training are both options for training. The number of persons who require training, the sort of training required, and the training provider’s fee are all considerations to consider.


On average, Salesforce implementation costs between $5,000 and $50,000. Although this is a large expenditure, you will have a product advantage over your competition.

According to the IDC analysis on the Salesforce economic impact, the typical four-year return on investment (ROI) will be around 300-500%. In addition, IT costs will be reduced by 43%, and emails will be reduced by 26%, and personal meetings will be reduced by 25%.

Find the best Salesforce consulting business to assist you with Salesforce implementation. Feel free to look through CRM Consulting’s worldwide network of highly reputable consulting firms to find the right fit for you!

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