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The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries that contribute to a large part of the world economy.
The technology evolution has a great impact on this industry.
Now without any travel agent, the tourist can get their bookings directly and enjoy their vacations and traveling. Third-party websites are managing traveling by performing online bookings and reservations.

Despite this, the customers are still looking for a personalized experience, so now the question is how to provide a personalized experience to the customers?
Moreover, the companies are also concerned about how they will provide high-quality, personalized, and low-cost service to their customers.
The answer is customer relationship management or CRM

What is CRM?

In General, customer relationship management is the name given to the practice of managing customer expectations, interactions with your brand, and subsequent loyalty — providing the most personalized customer journey possible.
However, CRM has evolved beyond that, most modern CRM solutions are cloud-based and mobile-compatible platforms, equipped with AI tools and big data to understand customers and provide proactive solutions, making sure that every customer is reached whenever and wherever they are most likely to be found.
How can CRM Help the Traveling Industry?

Business organizations are in search of cloud-based CRM that can help them in dealing with various marketing and customer services streamline their business operations, also it can save their valuable resources and time. SFDC, Being cloud-based CRM Software, has made the organization’s functions efficient and profitable.
It reduces the cost of managing hardware infrastructure and offers a wide range of functional services for companies and enterprises.
Which are as Follows:

1) Support for Marketing Team:

Salesforce provides an enterprise edition through which it provides the services to create various marketing campaigns that can provide success to the organizations and create leads for them.
2) Support for Management:

With exclusive reporting and visual dashboard features, Salesforce can provide better visibility of everything happening inside and outside of the business organization.
3) For Customer Support Team:

Salesforce can track various customer issues and resolve them timely. Proper escalation rules can be created so that it can reduce the response time and improve customer satisfaction levels. Any issue that does not fall into criteria can be directly escalated to the next level easily and fast.
4) Application Integration:

Salesforce functionality can be enhanced and increased by integrating with other third-party applications with Salesforce. This user can take the help of the Salesforce App-Exchange platform.
5) Training and Support:

Salesforce has a robust feature of training and support for all standards of the industry. Salesforce users can take the help of its exclusive and online user manual and access to various Trailhead videos at no cost, to learn all the latest and pre-released features of the CRM.
Now travel, and hospitality companies can enjoy better collaboration among their departments and make better decisions. By using the right tool at the right place, organizations can go a step further in providing excellent and unmatched services.


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