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Variance infotech created real estate project management system.

Easy and minimalist Login window.


The App is completely multilingual.
Dashboard – The overview of Projects list and single click to add new project or view detailed report and plan.


This module provide user for adding new project. Also list all current projects and check detail reports and planning.


This Project setting page allows Admin to assign tasks and manage projects to active users.


This is the report module. User can check report by basic info, organisation, users, model and plan.


This is calendar module showing all tasks assigned to all employees (Users). Admin can view tasks by scheduler and see gantt chart to track the work progress.


This is project configuration module. This enables the project manager to create New projects with all required project details like Project info, details of the organization(client), all users with their respective details assigned to work on a project, all modules’ details which are included in this project, and all future plans for the same.

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