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Why outsourcing software services to India? This is the million dollar question of the on-site company specifically USA,UK,Australia,Europeon union and middle-east. The best answer is yes you can outsourcing jobs to India. Because,There are several reason and advantages of offshore outsourcing to India.

  • Cost-effective solution :
    Today many company in developed country faced issue of recession or credit crisis. so now company looking for quality, cheap and high level of service in reasonable and affordable rate.The only way of treatment of this pain is outsource your service to India without hesitation.
  • Currency conversation :
    Indian currency value is 5o times low then US and almost 100 times low then UK. So company can Easily find affordable resource using Hire outsource developer.
  • Industry friendly government :
    One of the reason why outsourcing services India in boom because of industry friendly government and Tax wavier system to IT company who do software development in India.

How to outsourcing to India? Company who wants to outsource their work use different social sites, IT groups and other media like freelancing site, IT organization group like nasscom.

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