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Hello All,
Recently we integrated vTiger CRM (latest version) to vicidial for a UK based client.
The task seems to be simple however there are few tricky points needs to be handle properly. For example, once we integrated vTiger with vicidial, we found that system adds “1″ as dial code before every phone number. We need to remove this default “1″ to let user call UK or any other country. After googling for some time and implementing try and error method we found concrete solution for “How to remove “1″ dial code from vicidial”

The steps are mention below,

  • Set user, campaign and roles in vicidial.
  • Go to Admin system settings and set your vTiger DB information.
  • By Default vicidial set Phone code to 1 which we needs to change if you dial for UK or other country.
  • To change the phone code, go to admin -> Carrier select your carrier and change the DialPlan entry as shown in image below,

    Set 44 instead of 91 as country code from below if you want to call in UK,
    exten => _919XXXXXXXX,n,Dial(Sip/${EXTEN:3},90,tTrk)

  • vTiger 5.3.0 support PHP3.MD5 so when sync Vicidial with vTiger, its update the matched user password in vTiger with MD5 version so we unable to logged in.
    The solution is either you update the code of vicidial so it set crypt_type=’MD5′ in Users Table Or you can fired update query on vTiger Users table to set crypt_type=’MD5′
  • Vicidial consider only default roles like H2,H3,H4,H5 so we should have to set Roles up to 5 in vTiger otherwise users will not be display in vTiger Users if we have roles of the users different that H2-H5.
  • Once vTiger has been sync and if you already integrate X-Lite or other SIP phone then go to vTiger leads module and try to make a call which will open leads in vtiger and redirect to vicidial call.
Let us know if you need any help in integrating vTiger with vicidial.
Thank you !!!

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  1. Hello;
    I need to integrate and export to VTiger all the sale made in ViciDial.
    Would You contact me please?

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