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Hello follks,
This blog elaborate on how to install Elgg on IIS below is the few steps you need to follow in order for elgg to work on IIS.


 A. Installation of PHP on your system.
Click here “Installation of PHP”

 B.  Integration of IIS with PHP.
For Integration of IIS with PHP, user must follow the steps mention below:

  1. Once you are done with the installation of PHP, download Elgg source from following URL.
  2. Now you need to copy Elgg into one of the virtual directory of IIS
  3. Follow the given URL : (Download
  4. Please select Elgg folder in the virual directory of the IIS and click on “Url rewrite” and then import the httaccess_dst file
  5. There will be 2 web.config if you install Elgg on seperate folder in virtual directory.
  6. Now copy “mysql” and download from “”
  7. Just setup the Elgg now
  8. Set the Database details which you did for the step #6

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