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Journey builder is an essential part of the marketing cloud. This tool provides interaction with customers. The customer can get email, messages and new updates on mobile easily.

What is a Journey Builder:

It is a tool which offers many amenities such as sending email, sms , email using api and many more. The journey builder is one of the automation features of the salesforce marketing cloud. It’s design is straightforward.

Using this tool you can set your aim and satisfy your desire and provide a fruitful response to customers.

You can also interact with Sales and Service clouds using this tool. Moreover it also works with functions like using data from sales or service and updating it’s record etc.

How you can use Journey builder and use it’s features:

This tool gives customers an ample of features such as send email, sms, push notification.

Furthermore this will help to improve customer lead as well as create content and campaigns to advertise on social media on many platforms.

You can set einstein activity and configure for sending emails to customers on their relevant timing. Moreover, a journey builder helps the client to get personal satisfaction.

Customers can also interact with third parties using this tool. Many SFMC source customers can use things like Data extension, Audience, Event, API event, Salesforce Data etc.

Entry Sources:

This part provides a list of customer details and from this place lots of customers enter to perform many activities.

Data extension: It is a source of customers. Users can store customer’s details. Based on customer criteria, users can enter into a journey builder.

Event: This part will be used for some special day so, we can offer it to customers like on birthdays or anniversaries etc.

Salesforce Data: This point covers salesforce sales and service cloud. This will gain customer information from sales or service clouds.

Audience: This part will show you all customer details such as mobile user or active customer etc.

Apart from this it will add inbound chat, API event and cloud pages use which will be useful while connecting with 3rd party integration data and work with new customers and their satisfaction.


Every customer wants something new with upcoming suggestions. This portation will provide many updated actions with several platforms such as email, sms, social media and many more.

First we create any custom content which attracts customers easily. Moreover it will offer some upcoming UI so everyone wants to see it at least once in life.

SMS: Nowadays mobile phones are a part of life. Thus, it will be easy if we provide any offer or discount on the phone. This is easy and very straightforward. People will surely read one time.

Email: Email is a very common way in every communication system. Furthermore, email is an essential part of every working person.

WhatsApp: Well, many social media are used in the current era but every human loves to use whatsapp which connects everyone in a virtual way and many offers will be received from this system. From the underprivileged to the oldest person everybody likes to use this application.

Many other options such as : push notification, inbox, line message, In app messages will also help to send official satisfaction messages to customers. Using this, customers can connect with the company also.

Flow control:

Now you have to decide which flow you want to use to attract customers. Many flow for instance Decision split, Join, Path Optimizer, Wait option and einstein etc.

Due to some conditions customers want to send email to different users so, using split option they can send it out. Apart from this some new steps are available for users. The customer get new things at their convenient time in the easiest way.The customer can choose their pathway based on their detail.

Customer Update:

If a client wants to update any customer details which are running in a journey builder. The customer update session will update customer information with some new data.

Everyone wants to add some detail and using this tool we can track customers.

Sales & Service cloud:

After interacting with your salesforce sales and service cloud organization can get lead and case details. Using SFMC, customers can attract new deals every time and improve the company’s growth. Deal with customers which can be made easy with this way.

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